Pictured above at the MLK, Jr Celebration at Palm Beach State on January 10, 2018 are (l. to r.) Christene Campbell-Gabor, Debra Chandler, Karen Wilkerson, and Pam Maldonado.

Remarks by Karen Wilkerson, President, on LWVPBC receiving the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Community Service:

“Thank you for this recognition. For 98 years, the League has persevered in promoting and protecting voting rights. We will continue this important focus. We hope you will join us in making sure more voters go to the polls because their participation is vital to democracy.

In honor of those of us that marched with Dr. King, please use today to recommit ourselves to the goal of true equality.

Please support us in having Florida join the growing number of states wanting to elect our President by popular vote rather than by the antiquated electoral college.“

Below is the wording of the document that was submitted for nomination of the MLK, Jr. Community Service Award:


The U.S. League was founded in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt to help newly enfranchised women become politically educated and responsible voting citizens. In 1953 a league was founded in West Palm Beach and eventually grew into a country league which is now the third largest league in the United States. For almost one hundred years the LWV has fought to improve our systems of government and has worked tirelessly to ensure that people have a free role in making democracy work. We are committed to reflect the diversity and pluralism of our county by promoting inclusion in leadership, membership, and participation in all league activities and programs.

During the general elections, we contacted nine of the twenty-seven schools and registered over 450 graduating students. We attended Senior check Out Day at six schools. All schools were selected based on diversity and Title I status. Before the election, we texted each student we had registered three different times 1) reminding them when early voting started, 2) reminding them when early voting was about to end, and 3) reminding them to vote on election day. Of the 450 students, we had a 87% success rate of them voting. We also worked at the local university and college campuses to register voters.

In 2017 we worked with the High School Government Bee competition and doubled the number of schools who competed.

In each election period, the League holds public forums to explain the pros and cons of ballot issues and publishes and makes available on line a Voters Guide which explains ballot issues and contains interviews of county, and state candidates. Over 90,000 copies are distributed free of charge to voters.

The League encourages all citizens to be active in our democracy.  

For more information, visit the Palm Beach State College website.


19th annual Martin Luther King Celebration