Report on Leadership Conference Workshops

Date: October 20-21, 2017
Christene Campbell-Gabor     561-271-4648

Social Media 101 – Facebook, Twitter, Website.
Led by Shawn Bartelt, Laurie Wack, Abdelilah Skhir, Sarah Tyson, Lynn Osgood

Facebook (FB) / FB Live

  • All FL Leagues have a Facebook Page.
  • FB has a broader audience, Twitter users are generally more educated and less than 50 years old.
  • FB has a privacy setting, Twitter is public
  • It is not possible to post state-wide. To get updates on LWV FB sites you must ‘follow’ them.
  • Leagues should post regularly (but not over post) to maintain a presence.
  • It is important to know your audience and your sources.
  • Posting videos is very positive and well received.
  • Posts should be sent or scheduled to be sent at a time they will most likely get the largest number of people on FB (i.e. lunch, 3:30 a.m., late-night).
  • FB Live is easy. Videos are prioritized on FB. Remember to promote videos in advance and to prioritize your feed.
  • Questions / follow up
    • Who posts items on FB for PBC?
    • Should I ask our interns to post a Civics item weekly (on Website and FB)?
    • Should PBC members be advised to follow LWV FL, PBC, others?
    • Do we have procedures for posting?

Twitter – #LWVPBC

  • Setting up an account is easy, you need your email address and a handle (name).
  • Your “bio” cannot be longer than 160 characters.
  • It is a good tool to follow local reporters, representatives and like-minded people.
  • # (hashtag) is a link to FB and Twitter searches.
  • It is very important to proofread the #s for accuracy.
  • Creating lists is a good idea as is subscribing to existing lists.
  • Rule of thumb for posting – 80% valuable information 20% asks (membership, projects etc.), do not have more than 2 #s per tweet.
  • Sites that may be of interest; #LWVFL, #enough, #orlandostrong

Advocacy 101
Led by Karen Wilkerson, Michele Levy, Marty Monroe

Karen presented Perfect Pitch 101 to over 50 attendees. The presentation included important information on how to create a relationship, extend the relationship, identify personality styles, read and mimic body language and identify linguistic patterning.

Diversity in the Real World
Led by Dr. Maria C. Santana

  • Suggested that the words diversity be changed to inclusive and minority to underrepresented.
  • To ensure diversity society and groups have to be inclusive.
  • The steps to understanding and to being more inclusive are to listen, adapt, allow others to lead and take action.
  • Remember that leaders are temporary. It is important to integrate new leaders.
  • Societal biases can be changed.

Led by Pat Drago

  • Legislative priorities are clear. The League votes no for public funds for charter schools.
  • We should all be able to explain why we need adequate funds for public education.
  • Charter schools were explained – they are public, not for profit, publicly funded but often with for profit corporate management.
  • Charter schools often use discriminatory practices – teachers are not under contract. The principal chooses the teachers, parents and children!
  • Voucher schools – League supports strong fiscal controls.
  • Testing, standards and district/community collaboration need to be discussed.
  • It is import that the LWV shares information with the community and builds alliances.
  • LWV is supporting bills including HB 161 Mandatory Retention and SB 216 Schools of Hope requiring specified certification requirements.
  • Three State “Education” presentations are almost ready. There will be webinar training available.
  • Nellie Meggs (??sp) asked the LWV to apply for a grant.
  • There is currently an assault on public education. LWV will launch a campaign in January/February to support public schools as a foundation for democracy. Partners in local areas need to be identified.
  • Next September will be LWV Public School Awareness Month.
  • LWV has a strong leadership role in this area, Legislators take the League seriously.
  • Educational segregation, ethnicity and income, is happening in Florida today. Separate but equal is not a truism. There is methodical undermining of the public education system.
  • Message – LWV is not against all charter schools.
  • We need to change the dialogue so the public and legislators are aware that good schools have a positive impact on local businesses and real estate.
  • LWV has a number of excellent partners in this initiative.
  • Suggested reading – Reign of Terror (book), bad ass teachers (FB), network for public education (FB)
  • Questions / Follow up
    • LWV “Education” needs to add Civics Education. It is our mission to educate the public and this, in my opinion, if being lost in the discussion about schools (which I agree is an important issue).
    • LWV PBC has 6 Civics Education Presentations and we are involved in many school and public programs related to civics.
    • There is great interest in Civics – I have heard from many people from Leagues across Florida who want to be involved. We need to work together to ensure that everyone knows the importance of voting and how to vote.