Actions for Gun Safety



1. When children gain access to firearms the adult owner of the guns should face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and when children kill someone with the unsecured loaded gun, the adult owner of that gun should face charges of negligent homicide.
2. Congress should mandate and fund the Center for Disease Control to study the problem of gun deaths in the U.S.A. as a Public Health issue and seek paths for remedial action.
3. Physicians should be allowed to broach the topic of gun safety in families in their practices , especially when there are conditions in the family in which access to firearms would create considerable risk to the wellbeing of the family members i.e. depression of a family member or the presence of young children.
4. Access to and use of semi-automatic and automatic weapons should be limited to adults at least 21 years of age.
5. All owners of guns should be required to have proper training and liability insurance, similar to those requirements for automobile ownership.
6. Sales of Kevlar piercing ammunition should be limited to those who can demonstrate a legal need for such ammunition.
7. People on terrorist and/or no-fly list should be denied permission to purchase firearms until their names are removed from that list.
8. Places in which firearms are prohibited should be expanded to include parks, places of worship, sports arenas and gambling facilities.
9. Gun owners should be required to report to authorities the loss or theft of their firearms.. immediately after discovery of their absence. The failure to report lost or stolen firearms should be a felony offense. People with concealed weapon permits should be required to inform police of the presence of their gun when interacting with officers.
10. High capacity magazines and semi-automatic or automatic weapons should be available only with a demonstration of legal need.
11. Personal shooting ranges should be banned in residential areas or other areas where non-commercial shooting ranges can pose a danger to people in area.
12. People with restraining orders or accused of domestic violence should be required to relinquish their firearms until cleared by authorities.
13. People with substance abuse problems should have no legal access to guns and may be required to relinquish guns in their possession.