Advocacy Committee April Report

Date: April 28, 2017

Chair: Debra Chandler 561-254-4441

Co-Chair: Barbara Walker 561-422-0524

Report of Issues, Events & Dates:

  1. We are reorganizing the Advocacy Committee and creating “Super Advocates” who will be trained in advanced advocacy skills and methods. Rather than meet monthly, our emphasis will be on training and building relationships with our elected officials at the National, State, and Local levels. The Observer Corps members will concentrate on meeting with elected officials in the municipalities, on the school board and on the county commission. O/C members, who regularly attend the local meetings are well placed to become familiar with the office holders. Other committee members have stepped up for the advanced training sessions, which Karen Wilkerson and I will conduct over the next few months. Our goal is to become a resource for the elected officials on League issues. The League will also have a core of people who can go with issue group members to meet with our legislators. Committee members are quite enthusiastic about the changes. Any League member who is interested in becoming a “Super Advocate” should contact Debra Chandler.
  2. The Legislative Wrap-up is in the final preparation stages. We have a total of 14 sponsors for the event. 13 have paid a $100 fee, which will go toward publicity and the venue. We are using the Duncan Theater, again, which will cost $600. PBSC does all of the set up & clean up, as well as providing the necessary equipment to produce the forum. Fliers for the event, beautifully designed by Chanelle Harper, which is on May 25, 2017, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm have been printed and will be sent electronically to all co-sponsors. I will also send them to PBC Schools and government agencies for inclusion in their newsletters. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is translating them into Spanish. The invitation to the legislators was sent on April 27, and so far, 9 of 13 have responded with tentative yeses. They are tentative because the session is not over.
  3. Three volunteers, Barbara Walker, Barbara Katz, and Michelle Dodson, have stepped forward to take over the production of the Legislative Wrap-up and Preview beginning in the fall of this year. Our introductory meeting is scheduled Sunday, May 7, 2017, at my home.
  4. Cindy Sheehan-Hartwell spoke as a representative of the League at the School Board meeting on April 19 to express our support for the resolution to protect the privacy rights of students by requiring the Federal government to have a court order to enter a campus or obtain student information.
  5. Barbara Katz and Sammy Alzofon agreed to attend the Palm Beach County Housing Summit on May 31 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center at their own expense.
  6. Our next meeting has not been scheduled and will occur as needed.