Advocacy Training

By Debra Chandler

On Friday, July 14, 2017, Howard Goodman, Editorial Writer for the Palm Beach Post, addressed a session of Super Advocates on the art of writing letters to the Editor.  While he was only scheduled to speak for about 45 minutes, he was so interesting and informative that the session lasted well over an hour.  We left with a greater understanding of how to get our letters published and how they are selected.


A few of the tidbits he shared are:

  • 2 days notice
  • Write for Wednesday or Sunday when there is more room for letters
  • point of view should be @ 450 words
  • letters @ 200 words
  • all letters subject to edit
  • be direct
  • paper tries to balance liberal & conservative
  • prefer link to County issues
  • send via email although they will accept typed


Since we limited the number of participants, we were able to have a discussion with everyone taking part.  Mr. Goodman has graciously agreed to attend the second session which is being rescheduled.  Participation will again be limited, but notice will go to all.