Affordable Housing: Call for Participation

housing crisisBy Sammy Alzofon


America has a housing crisis!  There aren’t enough affordable housing options for those with moderate incomes and even less for our neighbors who are in need.  Meeting this challenge will take affirmative action by government on all levels combined with affirmative action by private individuals, businesses and organizations.

We are looking for Leaguers who are interested in learning more about how this shortage affects Palm Beach Country and what needs to be done: multiple issues affect the availability of housing for working families, homeless people, and those with special needs. We invite you to sit down and discuss

  • multiplying workforce needs within the business community
  • inadequate household income
  • rapidly rising housing and transportation costs
  • declining availability of land
  • declining public funding


Housing prices are rising rapidly each year, while income is not. The graphic below shows the enormity of the issue:

  • 134,003 households spend 50% or more of their income on housing
  • 122,968 spend one third to half their income on housing


PBC Households by Income and Cost Burden, 2015

Household Income as

Percentage of Area

Median Income

Amount of Income

Paid for Housing

0-30% 30-50% 50% or more
<=30% AMI 6,307 7,686 59,655
30.01 – 50% AMI 14,173 22,400 35,627
50.01 – 80% AMI 38,899 35,259 23,520
80.01 + % AMI 258,340 57,623 15,201
Total 317,719 122,968 134,003

The Area Median Income (AMI) for Palm Beach County in 2017 is $67,900 for a household of four. Most recent 2017 median home cost is $345,000.

This is an opportunity to learn more and consider becoming a League of Women Voters observer on one of the regional committees being appointed to bring answers and solutions back to the county-wide Palm Beach County Housing Summit Steering Committee, County government’s task force on this issue.


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