All That Jazz and More

LWV Palm Beach County Annual Fundraiser

By Marsha Vinson

Thought I’d give it a try

So I joined for a year
Now it’s 75 years after
I’m still a member of the LeagueOnce you join up
You learn ‘bout things
That matter the most
To our democracy
(to the melody Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)



Copeland Davis, award-winning jazz pianist pictured above, accompanied our League’s 100+ attendees (and serenaders) in honoring Peg Ekberg (75 year member) and Joan Karp (50 year member).


Peg Ekberg (above with President Karen Wilkerson) and Joan Karp (right) were honored at the luncheon.

Copeland Davis told League 1st Vice President Debra Chandler that he had more fun at this fundraiser than he has had in awhile. Debra reported that Copeland played well over his contracted time and he “was so impressed by the League and our work, he joined on the spot.”

During her introduction of Copeland Davis, President Karen Wilkerson informed the audience that funds raised last year and this year at these special luncheons enable our Palm Beach County chapter to continue to:

  • Upgrade technology
    • For instance, five thousand viewers watched live streaming of the League’s recent Legislative Wrap Up
  • Rent meeting rooms, including The Palm Beach Post auditorium.

raffle winners

Luncheon raffle winners were thrilled with their gifts. The ever hardworking Membership Chair Darlene Kostrub won lunch at Palm Beach Yacht Club.

The luncheon ended with a very touching moment when a 16-year-old Atlantis Club server (pictured here to the left of Debra Chandler), who had borrowed money for gas to get to work that morning for the League luncheon, won the $500 Cash Treasure Chest.

This was a memorable Sunday afternoon for all.