Annual Business Meeting 2017-Report

On April 19, the LWVPBC Annual Business Meeting was called to order by President Karen Wilkerson. Agenda items included, but were not limited to

  • review of the financial reports
  • proposed changes to the bylaws
  • proposed operating budget
  • adoption of the 2017-18 slate of officers

Review of Financial Reports

Joan Karp, Treasurer, reported that Pam Middleton completed the preliminary review of 2016-2107. Christina Ivaldi, CPA will conduct a review of the reports. Joan reviewed the Profit and Loss Budget versus the Actual Budget for last year.


Proposed Bylaw Changes

Membership voted to adopt the four bylaw changes proposed by the Bylaws Revision Committee of Cecily Feldman, Rita Wachs and Karen Wilkerson. Those changes include

  • Create Associate member status for corporations and individuals. As such, the would not be voting members and our chapter of the League would not be required to make PMP payments for them to the State or National League.
  • Clarified terms of Board Officers and Appointed Directors to stagger officer terms and make all appointments one year.
  • Chair of the Nominating Committee to be a position voted on by the Board
  • Parliamentary procedure to use the latest version of Roberts’ Rules of Order
  • Permit League membership at age 16


Proposed Operating Budget

Sid Breman, Chair of the Financial Committee, explained major changes to our budgeting and finance process, including

  • Switch to QuickBooks online
  • Change to a system of cost benefit and performance analysis budgeting process
  • Move to Accrual Accounting

Adoption of the Proposed 2017-2018 Operating Budget passed unanimously.


Nominating Committee Report

The proposed LWVPBC Board of Directors slate was presented by Committee Chair Darlene Kostrub and approved unanimously by the membership. The adopted slate includes

Officers: First Vice President–Debra Chandler

Second Vice President —Joyce Sullivan

Treasurer–Joan Karp

Secretary–Diane Marks

Directors: Nancy Cohen

Chanelle Harper

Pam Maldonado

Linda Prior

Joyce Smookler

Joan Williams

Lorraine Zimmerman

Nominating Committee:

Beryl Blecher

Betty Ann Badger

Mary Zuskin