Another Sinkhole Alley Could Be Formed Along The Sabal Pipeline

By Diane Rice

Sinkhole AlleyIt is hard to believe that something as important as safeguarding our springs and our Florida aquifer and preventing another sinkhole alley could be determined by a few individuals outside the Florida legislature. And yet ….. that is what is happening, in spite of the fact that the Sabal Trail Pipeline sits mainly on limestone deposits and within 5 miles of over 100 sinkholes and underground springs as viewed on the map, professionally developed by Fractracker Alliance, available at

And though FPL would like you to believe the natural gas pipeline is needed for the future of electricity production in Florida — it is highly improbable that all the natural gas would be used to make electricity as forecast usage for 2020 would be 60% of capacity, and it takes a minimum of 7-10 years to build a new power generation plant. Instead, it appears that the Sabal Trail pipeline will supply long-term export contracts of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through 3 companies: Carib Energy out of Jacksonville, Advanced Energy Solutions LLC out of Palm Beach and Goven Natural Gas Holdings out of Miami.

You may verify this yourself with the following:

  • Carib Energy out of Jacksonville was approved to export LNG (DOCKET NO. 11~71-LNG, DOE/FE ORDER NO. 2993)
  • Advanced Energy Solutions, LLC was approved to transport LNG on highways, rails and ships out of Palm Beach (FE DOCKET NO. 13 -104-LNG, DOE/FE ORDER NO. 3360)
  • Goven Natural Gas Holdings was authorized to export LNG from any export port or terminal capable of exporting LNG in ISO containers by vessel. Goven is based in Miami, Florida (FE DOCKET NO. 13-122-LNG, DOE/FE ORDER NO. 3371)

So,  Florida’s fresh groundwater is jeopardized, as is a natural landscape that includes springs and underground caverns, so that a few business people may realize their dream of shipping LNG exports. If we let them, they will have stolen some of the rare treasures of Florida — along with Floridaʼs precious resource of fresh water — and nothing will be able to bring these resources back for the next generation to enjoy.

You can standby and watch or you can be part of the 95% of Floridians who want to stop the Sabal Trail pipeline by joining in