August Board Report

President Karen WilkersonBy President Karen Wilkerson

At our August 14, 2017, Board of Directors meeting, we reviewed committee and treasurer reports for both our operating and educational budgets. We also submitted our recommendations for legislative priorities to the LWV Florida Board which will shortly consolidate all the local league recommendations and send them to us.
We had a special report from our housing observer, Sammy Alzofon, who updated our information on the study and focus in Palm Beach County.
Our summer Hot Topic and Cool Topics events have been a huge success. In fact, we had to close registration for the Fake News presentation. Fortunately, these meetings were streamed live and made available on our web site where they received over 4,000 views.
Continuing our efforts to reach out to members and the public, we will be offering regional events starting in the fall. Our Speakers Bureau will be offering the topics of Education, Health Care, Gun Safety, etc. Watch for the schedule announcements in your area.