Hamilton’s America Wants You to Vote – video

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Update to Oil Legislation

The LWVPBC’s Environment Committee invites you to attend an informative presentation on the various effects of drilling for oil in Florida. Due to an upsurge in permit requests, residents must be aware of how fracking will:

  • Affect our water supply
  • Affect wetland habitat
  • Affect endangered species


Inappropriate Oil Drilling and Water Don’t Mix:

Update to Oil Legislation

meredith-barnardMeredith Barnard

Meredith Barnard, Environmental Policy Analyst for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, will explain oil and gas extraction methods in Florida along with its impact on water and wildlife.

  • Thursday- Oct. 27th- 5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Summit Library- 3650 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406
  • Contact: Lorraine Zimmerman,



Oil Drilling/Exploration may be in our back yard!

Know the effects of fracking in Florida’s

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Hot Topics Lunch – October 2016

Hot Topics Lunch – October 2016bill-clip-art-pbc2

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m. registration
11:30 a.m. lunch served
1:00 p.m. adjourned
Place: Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Boulevard Atlantis FL 33462

Todd Bonlarron, PBC Asst. Administrator – Visions for Palm Beach County
Mary Jane Range, Chair of LWVPBC Speakers Bureau – November Ballot Issues


Reservations: $20.00 person until October 15, 2016 — extended due to Hurricane Matthew.

$30.00 after October 15, 2016. Reserve online or by calling Estelle at 561-968-4123

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Earth Could Reach Critical Climate Threshold in Decade, Scientists Warn

Meanwhile, new research discovers soil may not be trapping carbon as fast as we hoped
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Global greenhouse gas emissions are not likely to slow down quickly enough to avoid passing the 1.5°C target, scientists said. (Photo:Jamie McCaffrey/flickr/cc)

The planet could pass the critical 1.5°C global temperature threshold in a decade—and is already two-thirds of the way to hit that warming limit, climate scientists warned on Thursday.  Continue reading

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Flooding of Coast

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun Scientists’ warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline are no longer theoretical.


NORFOLK, Va. — Huge vertical rulers are sprouting beside low spots in the streets here, so people can judge if the tidal floods that increasingly inundate their roads are too deep to drive through.

Five hundred miles down the Atlantic Coast, the only road to Tybee Island, Ga., is disappearing beneath the sea several times a year, cutting the town off from the mainland. Read on…

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Oklahoma Earthquakes Article

TIME, March 2016:   OK Governor Mary Fallin chairs Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, creator of FracFocus.

by Josh Sanborn


(click on each page to see a larger image & read the article)



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De-mystifying Ocean Acidification – Video

De-mystifying Ocean Acidification: 3 things to help you understand what’s going on

Ocean Acidification by the Alliance for Climate Education

Exceprt from the Coral Restoration Foundation article by Ashley Hill (Aug 25, 2016):
 Ocean acidification is a hefty buzz word in the marine science community. It was coined in 2003 by two climatologists and since then scientists have recognized its negative effects on corals, shellfish, and even plankton. Ocean acidification, or OA, is a direct result of increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The change in seawater chemistry becomes more noticeable as we continue to use fossil fuels. Let’s delve into exactly what’s happening and why it is a problem! Consider solutions to this problem as you read more
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Healthcare Glossary

healthcare glossary


Unsure of some of the terms used in your policy or reports? You will be happy to know that the Health Issues committee of our LWVPBC has composed a glossary of health insurance terms to assist you.



AHCA – American Health Care Association (a non-profit federation of affiliated state health organizations).

AHCA – American Health Care Act (aka as Trumpcare) (Note: Senate version is pending as of 6/26/17.).

ACA – Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)

AAAHC – Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

Capitation – a payment arrangement for healthcare service providers (physicians, etc.). It pays a set amount for each enrolled person, per period of time, whether or not they seek care.

Catastrophic Health Plan – …

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Health Dangers of Fracking Revealed in Johns Hopkins Study

A new study out today from Johns Hopkins in Environmental Health Perspectives revealed associations between fracking and various health symptoms including nasal and sinus problems, migraines and fatigue in Pennsylvanians living near areas of natural gas development. The study suggests that residents with the highest exposure to active fracking wells are nearly twice as likely to suffer from the symptoms.  Read on

A natural gas rig side by side with homes in Washington County, Pennsylvania.B. Mark Schmerling

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Young Leaguers September Meeting

For Adults Age 16 to 45, interested in good government! JOIN US!


Thursday, September 29, 2016
6 – 8 pm
Dorrian’s Red Hand Bar & Restaurant
215 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL


League Members and Friends (16 to 45), are invited to mix and mingle with the Young Leaguers for an evening of networking and fun!

RSVP to or 305-299-0232


Young Leaguers Sept meeting


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