Focus :

  • To keep accurate financial records of LWVPBC and LWVPBC Education Fund
  • To report financial results to board
  • To oversee annual budget process

Chair: Joan Karp ( 561-995-5631

Meetings: As needed…

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Treasury Notes- December

treasurer report

By Joan KarpJoin Us League of Women Voters Palm Beach County

This month we update our National Database so that accurate numbers are used for Per Member Payments to both National and State Leagues. It was disappointing that many members didn’t renew for the 2018 year, an important election year.

If you are among that group, it’s not too late to correct that and to continue to participate in League’s many vital activities. A check or credit card payment for $60 individual membership will reinstate you to active status.

SUSAN B. ANTHONY  Level Members

Stacey DeLoye

Miriam Flamm

Marlene Kenneally

Jane Robinson

Valerie Silverman


Operating Fund

Eileen Flomenhoft-Shevach

David Glatthorn

Ruby Grant

Bobbi Horwich

Helen Laurence

Erika Steffen

Bobbe & Jerry Mittleberg in memory of Doris Singer

Susan Shulman

Education Fund

Nancy & Peter Cohen

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Treasury Notes- November

treasurer report

By Joan Karp


As of the end of December, those who haven’t sent in dues that will be valid until October 1, 2018, will be dropped from our Active roster.

Our League has grown exponentially in the past two years and, as a result, we have been able to take on more projects and more events to serve our members and the community at large. We are very visible and respected in our county and in the state.

We need you to continue to be part of our organization. Individual membership is still only $60 and can be paid by credit card on our website,, or by sending a check to PO BOX 6208, Delray Beach FL, 33482-6208.

If you …

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Thank you to our generous donors:

Education Fund

Bea Perkins

Beno & Elaine Michel

Rita Wachs


Operating Fund

Elaine Alvarez

Roy Bartolomei & Edward Wronsky

Debra Chandler

Laura Cain

Joseph & Andrea Goldberg

Rona Goldstein

D’Vera Tool

Thank you to those who joined or renewed at the Susan B Anthony Level:

Andy Amoroso

Iris Bergman

Carol Charles

Karen Clarke

Joan Elsner

Caela Farren

Ellen Galkin

Rona Goldstein

Carol Hetschel

Dorothy Jacks

Loretta Jacobson

Robin Kriberney

Barbara Lieberman

Millington McCoy

Ava Parker

Robin Sambur

Susan Small

D’vera Topol…

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Treasury Notes- October

treasurer report

By Joan Karp


Your continuing membership is important to our mission. If you haven’t yet renewed, please take the time to do it now.

For questions, call Joan Karp 561-995-5631.

Thank you to those who joined or renewed as Susan B. Anthony members.

Jessica Brason

Tony Fransetta

Marcia Halpern

Dorothy Jacks

Robin Kriberney

Barbara Lieberman

Debra Peters

D’Vera Topol

Thank you to those who gave a donation with their dues:

Roy Bartolomei and Edward Wronsky

D’vera Topol


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Treasury Notes- September

treasurer report

By Joan Karp

Thank you to Members who joined or renewed at the Susan B. Anthony level:

Kim Ardila-Morgan
Debra Chandler
Harriet Diamond
Caela Farren
Nancy Flinn
Nancy Gau
Susan Goldfein
Pamela Goodman
Elayne Goodman
Ken Horkavy
Dan Isaacson
Christina Ivaldi
Judith Teller Kaye
Diane Kessler
Diane Marks
Millington McCoy
Ava Parker
Mccall Credle Rosenthal
Jess Santanaria
Linda Sorenson
Ana Maria Villaneuva
Joan Williams
Ted Winsberg
Trudy Winsberg

Thank you to those who included a donation with their dues:

Caela Farren
Cecily Feldman
Joan Moody
Lois Morse
Kevin Rader
Ya-Ning Rifflard
Emily Rosen (Education Fund)
Lenore Wachtel (Education Fund)
Elinor Williams
Bongsoon Zubay
Elinor Zwerling…

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Treasury Notes- July

treasurer report

By Joan Karp, Treasurer


Thank you to our generous donors!


Education Fund

Ellen Galkin

Laurie S. Silvers in memory of Kathleen Ridder

Lifespace Communities

Andrea & Joseph Goldberg

Operating Fund

Reesa Levy

Iris Bergman

Members joining at Susan B. Anthony Level

Iris Bergman

Adrianna Gonzalez

Gayle B. Jacobs


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Treasury Notes- May

treasurer report

By Joan Karp, Treasurer


Donations April 15-May 15

Thank you all for your generous donations!

Education Fund In Memory of Jacques Ivaldi

Michele Battles

Diane Behar

Beryl Blecher

Marie Boyle

Sandra Gill

Robert Gorman

Abigail Hooper

Barbara Manning

Barbara Miller

Perona Enterprises

Madeleine Wooldridge

Education Fund

Corie Tanenholtz

Margaret Lucas in memory of Kathleen Ridder

Diane & Richard Platt in memory of Kathleen Ridder

Leo Solar


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Treasury Notes- April

treasurer report

By Joan Karp, Treasurer

January 1 – April 14, 2017

Thank you all for your generosity!

Operating Account
Banks, Sue
Karp, Joan
Sipple, Elena

Education Fund
Chandler, Debra
Feldstein, Shirley and Robert
Goldstein, Marion
Sipple, Elena

Education Fund in Memory of Jacques Ivaldi
Garron, Laurel
Hooper, Abigail
Kuhs, John
Prior, Suzanne
Range, Mary Jane

We are also grateful to Kathleen Ridder for the significant bequest we received.

Thank you to those who renewed or joined as Susan B. Anthony Members
Albright, Shelly
Barberich, Letitia
Gibson, Virginia
Goldfein, Susan
Lieberman, Barbara
Smyth, Imelda
Whipple, JoeAnn

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