Focus :

  • To keep accurate financial records of LWVPBC and LWVPBC Education Fund
  • To report financial results to board
  • To oversee annual budget process

Chair: Joan Karp ( 561-995-5631

Meetings: As needed…

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Treasury Notes- May

Treasury Notes- May

By Joan Karp, Treasurer


Donations April 15-May 15

Thank you all for your generous donations!

Education Fund In Memory of Jacques Ivaldi

Michele Battles

Diane Behar

Beryl Blecher

Marie Boyle

Sandra Gill

Robert Gorman

Abigail Hooper

Barbara Manning

Barbara Miller

Perona Enterprises

Madeleine Wooldridge

Education Fund

Corie Tanenholtz

Margaret Lucas in memory of Kathleen Ridder

Diane & Richard Platt in memory of Kathleen Ridder

Leo Solar


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Treasury Notes- April

Treasury Notes- April

By Joan Karp, Treasurer

January 1 – April 14, 2017

Thank you all for your generosity!

Operating Account
Banks, Sue
Karp, Joan
Sipple, Elena

Education Fund
Chandler, Debra
Feldstein, Shirley and Robert
Goldstein, Marion
Sipple, Elena

Education Fund in Memory of Jacques Ivaldi
Garron, Laurel
Hooper, Abigail
Kuhs, John
Prior, Suzanne
Range, Mary Jane

We are also grateful to Kathleen Ridder for the significant bequest we received.

Thank you to those who renewed or joined as Susan B. Anthony Members
Albright, Shelly
Barberich, Letitia
Gibson, Virginia
Goldfein, Susan
Lieberman, Barbara
Smyth, Imelda
Whipple, JoeAnn

Are you an Amazon Shopper?

Great – now you can take advantage of Amazon’s generosity to nonprofits. Here’s how: when you shop, use and  specify your donation of choice to go to …

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Treasury Notes- March

Treasury Notes- March

By Joan Karp, Treasurer

Education Fund Donations–Thank you for your generosity!!

Shirley & Robert Feldstein
Marion Goldstein
Linda Prior
Kathleen Ridder
Mark Schneider

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