Gun Safety

Gun Safety

gun safety

The LWV Gun Safety committee is working with the LWV state effort to defeat bills that would bring more guns into our lives. With over 33,000 gun deaths a year, the U.S. has a major health crisis.


  • To educate the general public and lobby our state representatives about the severity of the problem and
  • To lend LWV support to some common sense legislation to create responsible gun ownership.

Chair: Marsha Vinson (561-655-1327,

Meetings:  The committee meets once a month at a local restaurant for a “power lunch” on a date convenient to most members.  See League Calendar or contact Geoff for time, date and location of the next meeting.…

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Cool Topic- Gun Control

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June Cool Topic

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The Term Assault Weapon

ASSAULT WEAPONThe term “assault weapon” is not a precise term and such imprecision undermined the effectiveness of the 1994 federal ban.  According to that ban and those in several states, AWs are defined by physical features, some of which (e.g., bayonet mounts, flash suppressors) have no impact on their dangerousness.

Gun makers can simply remove these features and the firearm is no longer considered an assault weapon but is no less dangerous in the hands of a shooter.  I have just proposed a new approach which classifies firearms according to their lethality, based on an objective scoring method.

Classified in this way, the industry can no longer get around a ban based on some cosmetic changes.  The next step is to devise an acceptable scoring method—I discuss one that …

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March for Our Lives

The counts are in. Local authorities say March for Our Lives drew 5,000 in Boca, 3,500 in West Palm, 1,800 or more in Delray Beach.

Read more in the Palm Beach Post.

March for Our Lives Saturday

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Concealed Carry Act Memo

Download and Print the PDF.

Gun Safety: Concealed Carry Act Memo, 11282017
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Commentary on Mass Shootings

Here is a commentary I wrote today for Fortune Magazine on the Texas slaughter.  The piece focused on President Trump’s claim that these mass shootings are a mental health issue rather than a “guns situation”. Click on the image to read the article.

Commentary: Blaming Mass Shootings on Mental Health Issues Alone Is Disgraceful

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All the best, Tom

Tom Gabor, Ph.D.

Criminologist and Sociologist
Author, Confronting Gun Violence in America (Amazon’s #1 new release in Criminology)
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Concert Across America


The following is the text of a speech made by Thomas Gabor, Ph.D., at the Concert Across America event on September 24 in Lake Worth.

Some people say that the high level of gun violence in the US is the price we pay for living in a free society. Let’s look at other free societies.

  • We have about 11,000 gun homicides each year.
  • By contrast, the United Kingdom has about 40 gun homicides a year, Australia has 35, Germany about 60, Japan about 10.  When we combine other advanced countries and adjust for population differences, the US has 25 times the gun homicide rate as other advanced democracies
  • There is now more than one mass shooting per day in the US. A third of all the civilian mass
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Tom Gabor in Fortune Magazine

Thomas Gabor, LWVPBC member, is a criminologist based in Florida and author of Confronting Gun Violence in America.  Following the recent incident of mass shooting in Las Vegas, Tom had an article published in Fortune magazine.  Below is an excerpt:

The gun lobby claims to champion freedom. Yet every successive large-scale mass shooting leads to an increasing demand for security and a continuing erosion of Americans’ freedom to use public spaces without fear. Citizens need to sustain their outrage over this incident and demand restrictions on ownership of assault-style weapons.

How Did the Las Vegas Gunman Get His Hands on a Weapon of War?
Read Tom’s article in its entirety.




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Tom Gabor Speaks On Gun Violence Today

Dr. Thomas Gabor discusses his book Confronting Gun Violence in America.

Watch the Video.

Tom Gabor

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Guns and Kids: Preventing Tragedies

gun control

By Rosalie Almborg


  • In Florida, more children die from guns than from illness.
  • In Florida a child is shot every 17 hours.
  • The U.S. has 49 times the gun homicide rate for 15-24 year-olds when compared to  22 other high income countries.
  • Handguns are banned in the United Kingdom.
  • In Canada, only 50 to 100 people have a permit to carry a gun for protection, compared to Florida where 1,800,000 people have similar permits.


A panel discussion brought out the above facts and statistics on Saturday, March 13, at the League-sponsored event Kids and Guns: Preventing Violence.  The well-attended event took place at the Hagen Ranch Library in Delray Beach.


On the panel were Tom Gabor, author and criminologist; Dave Kerner, County Commissioner; Capt. Mike …

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Gun Safety for Children

gun control

Facebook Live Stream Video




Myth #1 GOOD GUYs vs. BAD GUYS When a child “uses” a loaded gun in play, or a teen in a suicide attempt, or a spouse in a domestic violence assault … who exactly is the bad guy with a gun and how will a good guy with a gun be the answer?

Myth #2 GUNS GIVE WOMEN PROTECTION AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE Women living in a home with guns were 7 times more likely to be killed by a spouse, intimate acquaintance, or relative. When a women attempts to use a gun in defense she is too often overpowered and loses control of the gun. (M. Franks, Professor of Law, University of Miami)


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