Gun Safety

League of Women Voters takes on gun control

The Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board meets with the League of Women Voters of Florida’s statewide Gun Safety Committee.

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League of Women Voters takes on gun control

by Beth Kassab – Contact Reporter (re-printed)

June 29, 2016, 5:43 pm

This isn’t your grandmother’s League of Women Voters.

Nobody thought a group of ladies who lunch could take on Florida’s long-entrenched political establishment and radically change the way districts are drawn for state and congressional elections.

But they did.

And they won.

It took a decade — from rallying voter support for two constitutional amendments to a protracted legal battle with the Legislature — but the Florida League of Women Voters helped lead what many saw as a nearly impossible …

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We owe it to the people of Orlando

Bill Nelson header


Dear Friends,

Bill Nelson twitterEarlier today, I spoke with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about the new bipartisan gun bill Sen. Susan Collins and I recently introduced to prevent anyone who is on the No-Fly List from buying a gun. To me, it’s common sense — if we don’t let someone on a plane because the FBI thinks they may have ties to terrorism, then we shouldn’t let that person buy a gun.

Another provision included in the bill is one I introduced last week to ensure that the FBI is notified if someone who was once on the terrorist watch list purchases a gun.Bill Nelson facebook
We’re not saying: don’t sell guns to someone just because they were investigated. But having a system in place that alerts the FBI if someone they …

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Gun Safety

The League of Women Voters – Florida has an adopted consensus that is expected to need member action regarding introduced legislation in Florida: one bill would permit students to have a concealed weapon permit to carry guns on campuses. LWVFL opposed this bill. Another bill would require that guns located in homes must be locked away if there is a youth under 16 in the home.

We can expect the Florida League to be requesting action on the already introduced legislation to allow guns on college campuses. In addition, the state committee is planning to propose a 2018 amendment to the state constitution regarding background checks of those purchasing guns. We are expecting a power point presentation on gun safety to be available shortly. We have already planned

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