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hot topics
  • A series of luncheon meetings with a speaker at each, discussing one of our Key Issues.
  • There is a $25 fee to attend and you must pre-reserve.
  • Held at Atlantis Country Club.
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May Hot Topic- Politics and Stuff

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May Hot Topics

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Annual Meeting & April Hot Topic

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April Hot Topic

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Hot Topic Review: Reality of Sea Level Rise


Reality of Sea Level Rise

A Practical Positive Approach to a Big Problem

by Kathy Panko

John EnglanderJohn Englander, Oceanographer, Consultant, and leading expert on Sea Level Rise(SLR), addressed the LWV Hot Topics Luncheon on March 21, 2018. He began by stating that SLR is a revolutionary problem. He focused on the following points:

  • What is sea level rise?
  • What do we need to do about it?
  • What can YOU do about it?

Sea level rise is an increase in global sea level as a result of an increase in the volume of water in the world’s oceans. Some people think that SLR is an environmental issue. In reality, rising sea level is an economic, land, investment, and legal liability issue. It has everything to do with …

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June Hot Topic- State of the County

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June Hot Topic

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Video of Rising Sea Level Hot Topic

Want to know more about the rising sea levels? Watch Jon Englander’s video channel on YouTube.

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Review of Hot Topic: Celebrating Black History Month


February 21, 2018

Guest Speaker: Rick Christie, Palm Beach Post Editor of Editorial Page

Rick Christie

The very personable and intelligent Rick Christie focused on a very timely subject – The History of Black Voting in Florida and the League’s role in election protection.


Discriminating Barriers to Voting

Christie reminded us of the disgraceful leadership Florida played in promoting Jim Crow laws that prevented minority people from exercising their right to vote.  Florida also implanted a poll tax.

League Recognized

He recognized the League of Women Voters for its leadership in the Restoration of Felon Voting Rights. He noted that there are over 1.5 million felons in Florida. Rick Christie concluded by fielding many questions from the audience regarding voter suppression, …

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Hot Topic- Rising Sea Level

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Rising Sea Level

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Black History Month

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Black History Month

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Hot Topics- Who Makes the Decisions for Us?

HOT TOPIC from January 17, 2018

Speaker: Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner, Esq., District 3

PBC vs. State of Florida

Who Makes the Decisions for Us?

Video feed of event: 

Reviewed by Marsha Vinson

The impact of this Hot Topics presentation by Mr. Kerner, a highly accomplished public servant with active private sector experience, will continue to have tremendous legal significance to our League.  Mr. Kerner was introduced by Linda Geller-Schwartz, Voting Rights Co-Chair.


State Pre-emption of Local Regulations

To properly understand Florida State vs. Palm Beach County decision-making, an understanding of the legal doctrine of State Pre-emption is important for League members.  The doctrine refers to the state intent to preempt all local regulations that are in a particular area.  This is a complex subject …

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Sugar Tour

Sugar Tour to Florida Crystals – Wednesday, January 24th.

Tour is limited to 40 people.

Sign up by clicking HERE – deadline January 14th. 

Please contact Keeter Martinson with questions,

Lunch and transportation from the Palm Beach Outlets provided. We will be picking up from the Palm Beach Outlet Mall at 7:30 and will leave no later than 7:45 am.

Attire for the day is suggested to be socks, sneakers or rubber sole shoes. Khakis or denim pants and shirts with sleeves. No boat sh amoes or slippers.

Here is a tentative itinerary of the day:

8:30 am- Arrive at the ACE

8:45 am- Environmental overview by Sharon Trost

9:15 am- Overview of Research & Development

9:45 am- Precision Agriculture

10:15 am- Visit greenhouse

10:45 am- …

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