Housing in PBC

Housing Report

October 30, 2017

The housing group has been busy as we continue to educate ourselves with regard to the housing situation in Palm Beach County and how we wish to approach this issue. Most immediately, we are working on:

1. Organizing ourselves

2. Working with the May 31 housing summit agenda in mind

3. Working with housing as a League of Women Voters Palm Beach County issue, with

a) the task of defining what housing means for the League

b) what our role is with housing as an issue

c) preparation of a statement to our board of directors proposing that we officially adopt

housing as an issue

A first organizational meeting of the housing group convened on October 11 at the Gulfstream Goodwill offices, hosted by one

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Affordable Housing: Call for Participation

housing crisisBy Sammy Alzofon


America has a housing crisis!  There aren’t enough affordable housing options for those with moderate incomes and even less for our neighbors who are in need.  Meeting this challenge will take affirmative action by government on all levels combined with affirmative action by private individuals, businesses and organizations.

We are looking for Leaguers who are interested in learning more about how this shortage affects Palm Beach Country and what needs to be done: multiple issues affect the availability of housing for working families, homeless people, and those with special needs. We invite you to sit down and discuss

  • multiplying workforce needs within the business community
  • inadequate household income
  • rapidly rising housing and transportation costs
  • declining availability of land
  • declining public funding


Housing prices …

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Palm Beach County Housing Summit



By Sammy R. Alzofon

The Palm Beach County Housing Summit was convened by County Administrator Verdenia Baker on May 31, 2017, to a full house of more than 500 attendees. [It was reported to the League of Women Voters in a June 6, 2017 summary.] The long-awaited outcome of that Summit is now available in two documents:

  • An Invitation from the Palm Beach County 2017 Housing Summit Steering Committee
  • Palm Beach County 2017 Housing Summit Attainable Housing: Guiding Principles & Actions

The Steering Committee that planned the Summit has proposed establishing a regional framework for ongoing work, given the size of the county and its broad urban and demographic diversity. These regions are:

  • South Region: Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton
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Business Forum- Housing in Palm Beach County

By Sammy Alzofon

Housing in Palm Beach County

A key concern in Palm Beach County revolves around housing.  Member Sammy Alzofon will be reporting on housing issues for LWVPBC. Below, read the first of her reports.

Monday, June 12, 2017
Business Forum Meeting

Speaker: Richard Reikenis, https://www.reikenis.com/
Facilitator: Joe Rooney


Economic Council of Palm Beach County

This forum meeting was to hear a summation of the May 31, 2017 Housing Summit convened by Verdenia Baker, Palm Beach County administrator.

Rick Reikenis, as guest speaker, noted a number of items, directed at those present who had not attended the summit. These included:

  • A description of the formation of the task force appointed before the summit to do most of the planning.
  • Acknowledgment that the topics were wide-ranging, from homelessness to workforce housing.
  • Many
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Housing Summit Links

Click HERE for the Presentations from the Palm Beach County Housing Summit

WATCH the entire Summit on PBCTV Channel 20 On Demand Programs

PBCTV Channel 20 On Demand Programs- Housing Summit

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Housing Summit 2017

Housing Summit 2017Solutions for increasing Attainable Housing in Palm Beach County

By Sammy Alzofon

There is a housing crisis in Palm Beach County. The current median gross rent of $1,900 is unaffordable for 80 percent of renters and 75 percent of households do not have adequate income to buy a single-family home at the current median price of $327,00. Housing Summit 2017 is the starting point for a convening of interest groups to find solutions.

A coalition of interest groups came together at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Wednesday, May 31, to discuss both the challenges  and possible solutions for assuring long-term access to affordable and accessible housing in Palm Beach County.  This issue has reached a level of crisis, as reflected in the 500 who attended (and

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