• To develop strategies to increase and diversify membership
  • To recruit, mentor, and retain new LWV members.
  • To provide hospitality for Hot Topic Luncheons and other League events.

Chair:  Darlene Kostrub (  561-852-0496

Meetings: As needed…

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For contact information, go to the Member Directory at  For the password, contact or call Darlene Kostrub at 561-852-0496.

Laurel Baker                                        Palm Beach

Rich Bartholomeu                               Jupiter

Julen Blankenship                              Delray Beach

Carrie Bradbush                                   Palm Beach

Leila Brode                                           Lake Worth

Marc & Bonnie Brunner                     Palm Springs

Laura Cain                                            Tequesta

Margot Caveglia                                  Boca Raton

Karen Clarke                                        Jupiter

Nicole DeFlorio                                    Wellington

Paula Dorhout                                      West Palm Beach

Kathy Dull                                             Lake Worth

Doris Epstein(reinstated)                 Boca Raton

Adrienne Foster                                   Delray Beach

Ida Foster                                             Delray Reach

Penny Gelb                                          Delray Beach

Kate & Paul Goldberg                       West Palm Beach

Bonnie Greenberg                             Boca Raton

Wilma Greenfield                              Boca Raton

Jean and Bill Hilton                          Boca Raton

Caryn Katz                                           Boynton Beach

Renee(Ronnie) Levine                      Palm Beach Gardens

Cliff & Tonya Long                             Jupiter

Paula McClease                                   Palm Beach Gardens

Carol Manzaro                                    Greenacres


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Membership Musings- November

membership musings

colorful people background



On October 28th, an orientation was held at Palm Beach State for 46 new members!   Karen Wilkerson, Darlene Kostrub, Patty Whitehill and Penny Butler-Schillinger presented how our League works and speakers from the different issue groups presented short presentations to introduce themselves and their issues to the new members.

  • Mark Schneider gave a presentation on the Petition Drive for the Restoration of Rights for Former Felons
  • Carol Nikov spoke about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
  • A welcome addition to the agenda were two high school interns, Faith Maniti and Dayalis Zamora, who work on the Civics Education team.  They presented a wonderful summary of that committee’s work. What an inspiration to witness these great young
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Member Profile: Dorothy Jacks

Dorothy JacksLeague Member and Palm Beach County Property Appraiser Dorothy Jacks, CFA, AAS, was recently sworn in as President of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) in front of a crowd of 1,500 of her peers, during ceremonies at the IAAO’s 83rd Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ms. Jacks is only the 7th female to fill this role in IAAO’s 84-year history. Her 1-year term begins on January 1, 2018.

As President, Ms. Jacks will serve as Chair of the Executive Board. In 2017, she served as IAAO President-Elect, Vice President in 2016 and was past President of the Florida Chapter of IAAO.

IAAO is the leading nonprofit, educational and research association for individuals in the assessment profession and others with an interest …

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Membership News- September

Membership News- September

membership news- SeptPlease welcome our new and reinstating members. 

For contact info, go to the Member Directory at

For the member password, contact Darlene Kostrub, Membership Chair, at 561-852-0496 or


Nancy Albano(reinstated)         Highland Beach

Barbara Ashley(reinstated)       Boynton Beach

Andrea Brice                                 Lake Worth

Sandra Caruso(reinstated)        Palm Beach Gardens

Carlton Moody                             West Palm Beach

Ava L. Parker                                Wellington

Rabbi Amy Rader                         Delray Beach

Senator Kevin Rader                   Delray Beach

Marie Seide                                   Boca Raton

Lenore Wachtel(reinstated)     Boca Raton  


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New Members- August 2017

New Members- August 2017

By Darlene Kostrub


We now have over 650 members!

Please welcome these new members to our League.  

For their contact information, go to the member directory at  For the member password, contact Darlene Kostrub at 561-852-0496 or


Deborah H. Batchelor

Janet Bergman(reinstated)

Maxine Cheesman(reinstated)

Kim, Healy, Noelle Dwyer

Jeanne Harary

Jennifer & Bob Hudson

Polly Maier

Cristina Pimenta (LWV Intern)

Ellen Shelton

Claudia Watson

Lake Worth

Boca Raton

West Palm Beach

Delray Beach

Boca Raton


West Palm Beach


Lake Worth

Boca Raton

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Member Profile: Ken Horkavy

by Emily Rosen


Ken HorkavyOh, the people you meet in the League! What a diverse bunch of doers and activists on the cutting edge of human betterment. Get involved and your “Interesting Life Quotient” will soar.


Meet Ken Horkavy, AKA Ken the Idea Guy ( ). He is the genius I.T. person who produces the live videos for events and is the current communications director for LWVPBC. Seems that about two years ago, he was “hoodwinked” by his friend, Caela Farren, who groomed him to replace her as Communications Director, assuring him it would be fun.


And Ken says that “It has been. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve. I’ve been tacitly involved in many committees because I’m live-streaming major events on

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New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation

Saturday, October 28, 2017 – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Palm Beach State College, 4200 S Congress Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33461

RSVP to D. Kostrub at:

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New Members – July 2017

New Members - July 2017



We now have 628 members!  For contact information, go to the Member Directory at  

For the member password, contact Darlene Kostrub at 561-852-0496 or email at

Joseph Anderson
Riviera Beach (Reinstated)

Penny Arons
Palm Beach Gardens

Iris Bergman
Palm Beach Gardens

Barbara Boehm
Juno Beach

Cynthia Brodrick

Marva Callender

Rebecca Cohen
Palm Beach Gardens

Marcia Danziger
Palm Beach Gardens

Mi Sun Donahue
North Palm Beach

Regen Foley
Palm Beach Gardens

Adriana Gonzalez
Lake Worth

Marianne Guerre
Palm Beach Gardens

Lisa Harris
Lake Worth

Lisa Huertas

Emma Lehman
North Palm Beach

Elaine Lerner
Boca Raton

Marilyn Lewis
Juno Beach

KaShamba Miller-Anderson
Riviera Beach (Reinstated)

Cliff O’Neill

Sharon Pardo
West Palm Beach

John Pastore
Boca Raton


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President Wilkerson’s Annual Review

President Wilkerson’s Annual Review

By Karen Wilkerson, President of LWVPBC

I am so excited to report on the past year of our League. It has been a tremendous success!

Let’s start with membership. At the close of March 2017, we had 575 members. Yup, 575. That number included more men, more young Leaguers, and more active members. Thanks to our membership chair, Darlene Kostrub and her team, these new joiners have had wonderful orientation sessions and have immediately become involved in our work. Welcome to you all. And thank you to our sustaining members who have attracted these new recruits. Your continuing support and efforts have made the League an attractive organization. We are the place to be.

Nancy Cohen has led the focus on planning and addressing our growing needs. We …

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Annual Business Meeting 2017-Report

Annual Business Meeting 2017-Report

On April 19, the LWVPBC Annual Business Meeting was called to order by President Karen Wilkerson. Agenda items included, but were not limited to

  • review of the financial reports
  • proposed changes to the bylaws
  • proposed operating budget
  • adoption of the 2017-18 slate of officers

Review of Financial Reports

Joan Karp, Treasurer, reported that Pam Middleton completed the preliminary review of 2016-2107. Christina Ivaldi, CPA will conduct a review of the reports. Joan reviewed the Profit and Loss Budget versus the Actual Budget for last year.


Proposed Bylaw Changes

Membership voted to adopt the four bylaw changes proposed by the Bylaws Revision Committee of Cecily Feldman, Rita Wachs and Karen Wilkerson. Those changes include

  • Create Associate member status for corporations and individuals. As such, the would
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