New Members – July 2017




We now have 628 members!  For contact information, go to the Member Directory at  

For the member password, contact Darlene Kostrub at 561-852-0496 or email at

Joseph Anderson
Riviera Beach (Reinstated)

Penny Arons
Palm Beach Gardens

Iris Bergman
Palm Beach Gardens

Barbara Boehm
Juno Beach

Cynthia Brodrick

Marva Callender

Rebecca Cohen
Palm Beach Gardens

Marcia Danziger
Palm Beach Gardens

Mi Sun Donahue
North Palm Beach

Regen Foley
Palm Beach Gardens

Adriana Gonzalez
Lake Worth

Marianne Guerre
Palm Beach Gardens

Lisa Harris
Lake Worth

Lisa Huertas

Emma Lehman
North Palm Beach

Elaine Lerner
Boca Raton

Marilyn Lewis
Juno Beach

KaShamba Miller-Anderson
Riviera Beach (Reinstated)

Cliff O’Neill

Sharon Pardo
West Palm Beach

John Pastore
Boca Raton


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President Wilkerson’s Annual Review

President Karen Wilkerson

By Karen Wilkerson, President of LWVPBC

I am so excited to report on the past year of our League. It has been a tremendous success!

Let’s start with membership. At the close of March 2017, we had 575 members. Yup, 575. That number included more men, more young Leaguers, and more active members. Thanks to our membership chair, Darlene Kostrub and her team, these new joiners have had wonderful orientation sessions and have immediately become involved in our work. Welcome to you all. And thank you to our sustaining members who have attracted these new recruits. Your continuing support and efforts have made the League an attractive organization. We are the place to be.

Nancy Cohen has led the focus on planning and addressing our growing needs. We …

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Annual Business Meeting 2017-Report

On April 19, the LWVPBC Annual Business Meeting was called to order by President Karen Wilkerson. Agenda items included, but were not limited to

  • review of the financial reports
  • proposed changes to the bylaws
  • proposed operating budget
  • adoption of the 2017-18 slate of officers

Review of Financial Reports

Joan Karp, Treasurer, reported that Pam Middleton completed the preliminary review of 2016-2107. Christina Ivaldi, CPA will conduct a review of the reports. Joan reviewed the Profit and Loss Budget versus the Actual Budget for last year.


Proposed Bylaw Changes

Membership voted to adopt the four bylaw changes proposed by the Bylaws Revision Committee of Cecily Feldman, Rita Wachs and Karen Wilkerson. Those changes include

  • Create Associate member status for corporations and individuals. As such, the would
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Member Profile: Dr. Tom Gabor

By Emily Rosen

Dr. Tom Gabor

Dr. Tom Gabor, author of best selling Confronting Gun Violence in America

Are you aware that, in the United States, almost 100 people die from gunshot wounds every day? For 27 years the League has been proactive in its stated position to control the proliferation of handguns and semiautomatic assault weapons in the United States. The LWVUS has joined the multitudes urging Congress and State Legislatures to enact common sense legislation to combat gun violence.


The LWVPBC is uniquely fortunate to have among our members an expert in the field.  Dr. Thomas Gabor is a noted Criminologist, Sociologist, and author of the recently published Confronting Gun Violence in America (Palgrave MacMillan, 2016), in which he examines the link between gun ownership and homicide, suicide, …

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Membership Musings

By Darlene Kostrub, Membership Chair

New Member Orientation on April 1 was attended by 51 new members and prospects!
Thanks to Kim Ardila-Morgan, who was our host at Palm Beach State College, as well as all the Issue Group Chairs who attended. Karen Wilkerson and Linda Sorenson assisted with the presentation, and Pam Middleton, Pam Maldonado, Patty Whitehill, Mary Zuskin registered the attendees.
We learned some interesting highlights about some of our new members. Debra Peters owns a Tiny House on wheels called “The Sunflower.” Sammy Alzofon was formerly the Library Director at The Palm Beach Post. Katie Gettinger enjoys a stained glass hobby. Clare Miller graduated from the same high school as President Obama. Susan Ivers is a former Latin teacher while Jennifer Ligeti is a …

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New Member Orientation

51 new members and prospects attended Orientation on April 1 at Palm Beach State College to learn about the programs and advocacy opportunities that abound in League. The attendees went away prepared to become involved and engaged in issues and action avenues. Enthusiasm and passion for good government were palpable in the air as all learned together.

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Welcome to New League Members


Miriam Acosta-Castriz Lake Worth
Shelly Albright Wellington (reinstated)
Kira Alvarez Jupiter
Sammy Alzofon Lake Worth
Maria Antuna West Palm Beach
Kevin Baker Palm Beach Gardens
George Barrs Lake Worth
Lee Barberich West Palm Beach
Jennifer Boddicker Lake Worth
Barbara Bjorklund Jupiter
Ashley Cacicedo Delray Beach
Arielle Callender Loxahatchee
Tracy Ciucci Lake Worth
Aaron Clemens Palm Beach Gardens
Courtney Combe Ocean Ridge
Cassondra Corbin-Thaddies Lantana
Stacey DeLooye Boynton Beach
Lois Dermer Boca Raton
Linda Fischer Jupiter
Vally Flint Coconut Creek
Susan Goldfein Palm Beach
Sheldon Hearst Boca Raton
Marjorie Heilweil Boca Raton
Ruth Holmes West Palm Beach
Jeanette Horn North Palm Beach
Marta Isaacson Delray Beach
Caroline Jackson Greenacres
Joanne Kelly Lake Worth
Christopher Kogstrom North Palm Beach
Barbara Lieberman Delray Beach
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March Membership Meeting Report


By Ellen Norman

The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County held a General Membership Meeting on March 1, 2017.  The almost 70 attendees heard an informative presentation on the Electoral College.

 Karen Wilkerson, President, welcomed everyone and urged anyone present who was not already a member to join the League and become an active member.

    She introduced Nancy Cohen who spoke about the Electoral College.  Nancy informed the audience that the Presidential candidate who won the popular vote in 2 of the last 5 elections did not become president. She further explained that our electoral vote in Florida is worth 1/3 that of a less populated state. Because of this, in 1970 the LWVUS took a position in opposition to the Electoral …

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  • To develop strategies to increase and diversify membership
  • To recruit, mentor, and retain new LWV members.
  • To provide hospitality for Hot Topic Luncheons and other League events.

Chair:  Darlene Kostrub (  561-852-0496

Meetings: As needed…

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March General Membership Meeting


By Nancy Cohen


Amid all this political foment, let’s keep our eyes on one way to make positive change for the future:




NPVIC is the only system proposed that:

  • makes all states competitive
  • makes every vote count
  • guarantees that the candidate with the most votes nationwide win the presidency
  • pushes presidential candidates to adopt agendas that unite voters
  • would NOT require an amendment to the US Constitution


Come to our League Meeting:

Wednesday, March 1st, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Quaker Meeting House

823 North A Street, Lake Worth

Lennie Jones, our Speakers Bureau Chair, will talk about the Electoral College and NPVIC.

No charge.

An excellent article that provides some background on the subject is The League’s

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