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Observer Corps- October Monthly Reports

Observer Corps

by Katie Gettinger


The purpose of the Observer Corps is two-fold:

  • to observe public meetings and report important issues to the LWV
  • to be seen by elected officials because “We matter and we are watching you.”


Meetings are open to everyone and are generally held the last Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm at the Compass Center in Lake Worth.


If you don’t see your area listed, please consider reporting on your meeting for the Observer Corps.


Patty Whitehill let us know about some turnover in Delray Beach.

  • The Mayor is not seeking re-election.
  • Two commissioners will be running for mayor.
  • The City Manager position is also turning over.


Jupiter Town Council Meeting was reported on by Katie Gettinger.

  • Health
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State Leadership Conference in Orlando

By Debra Chandler

Report of Issues, Events & Dates:

  • Nine members LWVPBC attended the State Leadership Conference in Orlando.  The speakers were excellent and the workshops informative.  PBC was very well represented.
  • Karen Wilkerson headed an excellent workshop series on Advocacy
  • Nancy Cohen, as part of a panel with Marty, our state lobbyist,  gave great information on NPVIC
  • Ethelene Jones headed the Speaker’s Bureau section

Karen’s portion was standing room only.  How lucky are we, here in Palm Beach County, as she has given the same classes to our members in her Pitch Perfect sessions!  

Myrna Perez, LWVFs Legal Counsel from the Brennan Center, was the speaker at our “Powerful Leaders Dinner” on Friday night.  She was dynamic and enthusiastic, describing the League as “presente”, meaning not just

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All That Jazz and More

LWV Palm Beach County Annual Fundraiser

By Marsha Vinson

Thought I’d give it a try

So I joined for a year
Now it’s 75 years after
I’m still a member of the LeagueOnce you join up
You learn ‘bout things
That matter the most
To our democracy
(to the melody Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)



Copeland Davis, award-winning jazz pianist pictured above, accompanied our League’s 100+ attendees (and serenaders) in honoring Peg Ekberg (75 year member) and Joan Karp (50 year member).


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Solar Co-op Kickoff


By Diane Marks

solar co-op kickoffPalm Beach started the County’s Solar Co-Op on November 1 at a Kickoff Media Event at the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center in West Palm Beach.




“It’s good for the environment, good for the economy, and good for the consumer,” states LWVPBC President, Karen Wilkerson.

Mayor Muoio of West Palm Beach; Rep. Lori Berman; Ana Puzkin, Sustainability Coordinator of Delray Beach; Jen Barenholtz, SolSmart Advisor; Alissa Jean Schafer of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; and Jody Finver from Solar United Neighborhoods of Florida spoke about the need for and advantages of solar energy and the purpose of joining the Solar Co-op.

Solar United Neighborhoods of  Florida is …

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Membership Musings- November

membership musings

colorful people background



On October 28th, an orientation was held at Palm Beach State for 46 new members!   Karen Wilkerson, Darlene Kostrub, Patty Whitehill and Penny Butler-Schillinger presented how our League works and speakers from the different issue groups presented short presentations to introduce themselves and their issues to the new members.

  • Mark Schneider gave a presentation on the Petition Drive for the Restoration of Rights for Former Felons
  • Carol Nikov spoke about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
  • A welcome addition to the agenda were two high school interns, Faith Maniti and Dayalis Zamora, who work on the Civics Education team.  They presented a wonderful summary of that committee’s work. What an inspiration to witness these great young
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Immigration Committee Forming

immigrationBy Barbara Eriv

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of PBC is forming an Immigration Committee.  Please contact Barbara Eriv,, if you want to be part of this committee.  As soon as we have a sufficient response, I will schedule a kickoff meeting.

So why an Immigration Committee?  The LWV has a long held belief that our democracy is rooted in the diversity of voices and what immigrants have brought to this country as well as the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  Currently, our nation of immigrants, which embodies who we are, is being threatened on a number of fronts.

  •   The Travel Ban, barring travel from mostly Muslim countries.  The latest Executive Order has been blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii and a second in
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Why Courts Matter- You Be the Judge- Video

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Thank you to our generous donors:

Education Fund

Bea Perkins

Beno & Elaine Michel

Rita Wachs


Operating Fund

Elaine Alvarez

Roy Bartolomei & Edward Wronsky

Debra Chandler

Laura Cain

Joseph & Andrea Goldberg

Rona Goldstein

D’Vera Tool

Thank you to those who joined or renewed at the Susan B Anthony Level:

Andy Amoroso

Iris Bergman

Carol Charles

Karen Clarke

Joan Elsner

Caela Farren

Ellen Galkin

Rona Goldstein

Carol Hetschel

Dorothy Jacks

Loretta Jacobson

Robin Kriberney

Barbara Lieberman

Millington McCoy

Ava Parker

Robin Sambur

Susan Small

D’vera Topol…

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Builders Must Step Up

Link to Palm Beach Post article


Shared from the 2017-10-29 Palm Beach Post eEdition


Builders must step up, create housing that is affordable


Last week, Minto Communities presented a plan to entice middle-class homebuyers with down payment grants of 3 percent of the purchase price at its massive new Westlake development in western county.

For years, judging by the attitudes and actions of builders and developers, you’d think there was no workforce housing crisis in Palm Beach County. That the county’s median single-family home price of $335,000 is not out of reach of 75 percent of its households. And that it’s of no real consequence to them.

Those builder attitudes and actions may be changing — albeit slowly — for the better.

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Meeting with State Representative David Silvers

Debra Chandler, Advocacy Chair and Nancy Gau, Healthcare Chair, met with State Representative David SilversDebra Chandler, Advocacy Chair and Nancy Gau, Healthcare Chair, met with State Representative David Silvers to discuss legislative priorities on Tuesday, August 14, 2017 in his district office.  The meeting was very productive with Nancy stressing mental health legislation and Deb emphasizing National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), restoration of felon voting rights and education funding. NPVIC proved intriguing as he asked several questions about it.  Representative Silvers was receptive to our goals and expressed a strong desire to keep communication open with the League.…

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