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National Popular Vote

National Popular VoteBy Nancy Cohen

The Electoral College system is a disincentive to voting:

people believe their vote for President doesn’t count.

And for good reason.

Your Florida vote is only worth 1/3 of a vote in a less populous state.

Winner Take All practices give tiny majorities all the Electoral Votes.

Is there a solution?

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) would make all votes count equally.  And it would encourage Presidential candidates to listen to all points of view.

Learn about NPVIC:

Join the Voting Rights Coalition and come to our next meeting:

Thursday October 5 at 2 pm, Compass, 201 North Dixie, Lake Worth

More Info:

Nancy Cohen  –  –  561 842 2499


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Affordable Housing: Call for Participation

housing crisisBy Sammy Alzofon


America has a housing crisis!  There aren’t enough affordable housing options for those with moderate incomes and even less for our neighbors who are in need.  Meeting this challenge will take affirmative action by government on all levels combined with affirmative action by private individuals, businesses and organizations.

We are looking for Leaguers who are interested in learning more about how this shortage affects Palm Beach Country and what needs to be done: multiple issues affect the availability of housing for working families, homeless people, and those with special needs. We invite you to sit down and discuss

  • multiplying workforce needs within the business community
  • inadequate household income
  • rapidly rising housing and transportation costs
  • declining availability of land
  • declining public funding


Housing prices …

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Member Profile: Ken Horkavy

by Emily Rosen


Ken HorkavyOh, the people you meet in the League! What a diverse bunch of doers and activists on the cutting edge of human betterment. Get involved and your “Interesting Life Quotient” will soar.


Meet Ken Horkavy, AKA Ken the Idea Guy ( ). He is the genius I.T. person who produces the live videos for events and is the current communications director for LWVPBC. Seems that about two years ago, he was “hoodwinked” by his friend, Caela Farren, who groomed him to replace her as Communications Director, assuring him it would be fun.


And Ken says that “It has been. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve. I’ve been tacitly involved in many committees because I’m live-streaming major events on

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Observer Corps- September Reports

Observer Corps- September Reports

by Katie Gettinger


The purpose of the Observer Corps is two-fold:

  • to observe public meetings and report important issues to the LWV
  • to be seen by elected officials because “We matter and we are watching you.”


Observer Corps meetings are a high spot for attendees. The information shared is invaluable and terribly interesting. Many of the meetings are reported on in the media, but the Observer Corps goes a step further by reporting on each meeting to our group and following up with discussion.  Additionally, sometimes more than one Observer will be at a meeting and, while they may sit together, they will pick up different information and upon reporting, will expand and enhance everyone’s understanding. It’s a beautiful thing!  Meetings are open to everyone and

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Equal Rights?

Womens Equality DayEQUAL RIGHTS?

The following speech was given by LWVPBC President Karen Wilkerson at the Women’s Equality Day event sponsored by PBC NOW on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at the Delray City Library.

It was in March of 1972 that Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment and sent it to the states for ratification.

In the seventies, I was a young mother, eager to secure the rights for myself and my daughters. In fact, I even brought my daughters to the state house when the debate was scheduled. Hopes were high.

By 1977 only three more states were needed to amend the United States Constitution. So the deadline for ratification was extended until 1982. Yet, here we stand in 2017, and we are still waiting. Gads, my grandchildren are

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Immigration Committee

immigrationBy Barbara Eriv

I am a member of the League and leading our Immigration Committee.  The League is:

  • For Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Against deporting undocumented immigrants without due process
  • Against the federal government threatening local governments into cooperating with ICE to detain immigrants.


In Palm Beach County, we are collaborating with other groups, such as the PBC Coalition for Immigration Rights, to take action.  Earlier this year, the City of West Palm Beach and the Board of Education signed resolutions to protect the undocumented and their children and to promote the health and well being of all residents.  We are now speaking with the City of Delray Beach and asking them to sign a “Welcoming Cities” ordinance proclaiming that the City will not:

  • Ask or give out
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Partners in Voter Suppression

Disturbing news from Ohio and the Justice Department:

Partners in Voter Suppression – The New York Times

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Brennan Center for Justice Reports

Democracy In North Carolina Could Disappear. Is Your State Next? | Brennan Center for Justice

‘State legislatures are increasingly experimenting with anti-democratic electoral laws, like new restrictions on voting access and extreme gerrymandering.’ Chilling voting rights news from Brennan.

The only states where voter’s voters count in Presidential elections?

us swing states

Brennan Center for Justice
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August Board Report

President Karen WilkersonBy President Karen Wilkerson

At our August 14, 2017, Board of Directors meeting, we reviewed committee and treasurer reports for both our operating and educational budgets. We also submitted our recommendations for legislative priorities to the LWV Florida Board which will shortly consolidate all the local league recommendations and send them to us.
We had a special report from our housing observer, Sammy Alzofon, who updated our information on the study and focus in Palm Beach County.
Our summer Hot Topic and Cool Topics events have been a huge success. In fact, we had to close registration for the Fake News presentation. Fortunately, these meetings were streamed live and made available on our web site where they received over 4,000 views.
Continuing our efforts to reach out to …

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The League Presents…FAKE NEWS

FAKE NEWSBy Marsha Vinson


On a hot, hot mid-August morning, the League Cool Topics featured a very steamy FAKE NEWS (Alternative Facts or Just Not True) panel discussion for another SOLD OUT crowd in the lovely Palm Beach Post auditorium.  A simulcast was available on Facebook and those interested can now view this Cool Topics on the League website.

Joyce Reingold, former Shiny Sheet publisher,  was the skilled moderator of the 4-star panel featuring Howard Goodman, Post editorial writer; Brett Sandala, Ocean Drive Social founder; and the former National Enquirer managing editor, Brian Williams.  Brian’s daughter, Jenn, a social media guru and more, added terrific insights into Fake News.  

How can we League members fight Fake News?  This question was asked repeatedly in different forms throughout the morning.  …

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