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Meeting – Palm Beach County League of Cities

Palm Beach County League of Cities

By Ellen Norman

A general membership meeting of the Palm Beach County League of Cities was held at the Greenacres Community Center on March 29. Representatives from all the towns in Palm Beach County, commissioners, and interested community groups were in attendance.
Rita Thrasher, from America’s Promise and our speaker at the March Hot Topics Luncheon, and Nancy Yarnell, the director at the Your Aging and Disability Resource Center, were representative of the types of groups in attendance. Ms. Yarnell noted that 30,000 Florida seniors were not re-certified for food stamps because they did not know about a new law that requires certification on a yearly basis!

Major themes of the meeting were preserving home rule and the need to put a face …

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May Hot Topics Luncheon

hot topics

May 17, 2017   

11:00 am is the time to register and chat with friends.
11:30 am- Lunch is served
1:00 pm- Meeting is concluded.

Atlantis Country Club, Atlantis, Florida

Featuring Deirdre McNab speaking on “Solar for Florida.”

To attend the luncheon you should reserve online or call Estelle at 561-968-4123

Next Month:

June 21 – Darcy J. Davis speaking on Healthcare

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Guns and Kids

By Geoff Kashdan

gun control

You may have heard that the “only answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” But when a preschooler finds a loaded gun, or a depressed teen uses a handgun in a suicide attempt, is that child or teen the proverbial bad guy with a gun?

If an armed adult with a concealed weapon permit (the so-called good guy with a gun) comes upon a child with a loaded gun, what will that “good guy” do? Shoot the child?

Any argument over guns that focuses on “good guys” and “bad guys” is far too simplistic, disingenuous, and dangerous. The number of children killed by gunfire in America is a national scandal and a public health crisis of epidemic …

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Membership Musings

By Darlene Kostrub, Membership Chair

New Member Orientation on April 1 was attended by 51 new members and prospects!
Thanks to Kim Ardila-Morgan, who was our host at Palm Beach State College, as well as all the Issue Group Chairs who attended. Karen Wilkerson and Linda Sorenson assisted with the presentation, and Pam Middleton, Pam Maldonado, Patty Whitehill, Mary Zuskin registered the attendees.
We learned some interesting highlights about some of our new members. Debra Peters owns a Tiny House on wheels called “The Sunflower.” Sammy Alzofon was formerly the Library Director at The Palm Beach Post. Katie Gettinger enjoys a stained glass hobby. Clare Miller graduated from the same high school as President Obama. Susan Ivers is a former Latin teacher while Jennifer Ligeti is a …

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New Member Orientation

51 new members and prospects attended Orientation on April 1 at Palm Beach State College to learn about the programs and advocacy opportunities that abound in League. The attendees went away prepared to become involved and engaged in issues and action avenues. Enthusiasm and passion for good government were palpable in the air as all learned together.

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Pics from Tallahassee

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Debra Chandler named to Infrastructure Surtax Oversight Committee




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Speak Out for Public Schools

speak out for education

When you wonder what you can do to stop a head long rush to school privatization that will tear apart our communities, read this parent and educator’s call for advocacy. It is a reminder that we are not helpless; we are in control if we decide to be.

I live and breathe public schools: Help me fight for education
By Laura Dinehart

When you wonder what you can do to stop a head long rush to school privatization that will tear apart our communities, read this parent and educator’s call for advocacy.  It is a reminder that we are not helpless; we are in control if we decide to be.

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Volunteer Opportunity

Give the gift of English.

The Compass Community Center and DePorres Place are interested in starting an ESL (English as a Second Language) class in Lake Worth. Volunteer tutors are needed. No certification is required. You don’t need to speak a second language. Training and teaching materials are provided.

Classes meet once a week for two hours — 6-8 p.m. This is a great program and a wonderful way to give back to our community.

Interested? Call Linda Kramer at DePorres Place, 561-863-5778…

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The State of Water

By Kathy Panko, Environmental Issues Group                       

Water is our most precious natural resource. The average American uses about 2,088 gallons in 24 hours.  That’s not only tap water, but includes food, clothes, and even newspapers/magazines, which all have a cost in water.  For example, a half-pound burger comes from a cow that consumed 220 gallons of water; it takes about 700 gallons to make a shirt; a pair of pants take about 2,000 gallons from seed to cotton; and a newspaper/magazine is made of trees, ink, and printing presses, which soar water usage. Life is thirsty and drinks way more water than we realize. Earth’s population grows 1.2% every year, but the total amount of water on earth remains the same. This is all we have, so we

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