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Message from President Karen Wilkerson

President Karen Wilkerson

We had a presidential campaign concentrated on made up news and sound bites of distraction. We must demand investigating reporting and fact checking. The League must lead the way to better voter education. That means more than explaining what is on a ballot. It means making sure that voters understand government programs long before they are distorted in campaign speeches. Because we have neglected to spread our knowledge, voters have not had the information to make good choices.
We can rethink the way we provide information. We can do a better job of letting voters know where to find factual information. That is our mission. Ironically, we know the information. We need to rethink our delivery system.
I look at these situations as opportunities for our League to …

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Voting Rights Coalition

Womens March

By Nancy Cohen

What is NPVIC?
The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among states to award all Electoral College votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

  • In 2 of the last 5 presidential elections the candidate who won the most votes did not become President
  • Your Florida vote is worth less than 1/3 of a vote in the least populous states

The Voting Rights Coalition is campaigning to change our system of electing the president. Learn about NPVIC: a Constitutional way to uphold the bedrock principle of one person, one vote:

The Voting Rights Coalition meets on the first Thursday of each month at 2 pm at Compass, 201 North Dixie, Lake Worth. Join us.

For more info or to …

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Upping Our Communications Game


By Caela Farren


We’ve updated our newsletter. It’s shorter, easier to read, twice monthly and links to our new website. You can read it on your tablet, iPhone, laptop, or home computer. Your comments: “Great change.” “Love it.” “I read the whole thing.” “Thanks.”

Website Home Page

Today, we’re launching our revised website.
Our guiding design criteria included:
Easy to use and navigate
Issue and advocacy oriented
Personal and engaging
One place for all info LWVPBC
Current and relevant
Present all voting information -Voters Toolkit
Accessible on all devices – tablet, phone, computer, laptop
Contain videos, articles, News, calendar and Calls to Action
Please take a look and give us feedback. How well did we do?

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Hot and Cool Topics? What are they?

Cool Topics

By Nancy Cohen

Everyone knows:  a Hot Topic is something big everyone is talking about now.

To LWVPBC members and friends, Hot Topics is also a monthly chance to meet your friends, get acquainted with new members, hear a great speaker discuss an important issue, and eat a super lunch in a welcoming environment.

Our next Hot Topic is Wednesday May 17: Deirdre McNab speaking on “Solar for Florida”.  Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Boulevard, Lake Worth, $25.  Click here to register online or call Estelle Friedman 561-968-4123.

So, what is a Cool Topic?

To LWVPBC members and friends, Cool Topics (aka General Membership meetings) are a chance to engage on a timely and important subject with your friends in a more informal setting after work …

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Citizens’ Guide – Florida Constitution Revision Commission

Click here for the link.

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Government Bee Press Release


Palm Beach County School District’s 2nd Annual
Press Release
DATE: Thursday April 6th, 2017
TIME: Preliminary rounds start at 4:00 pm
Semi-Finals and Finals start at 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Santaluces High School
6880 Lawrence Road, Lake Worth, Florida

Download the flyer.
Government Bee

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Letter from the LWVUS President

The League Update

March 16, 2017


League Sends Memo to U.S. House Opposing Election Assistance Commission Termination Act  

The League sent a memo to members of the U.S. House regarding HR 634, the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act. The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is the only federal entity devoted exclusively to improving election administration on a bi-partisan basis. The League does not believe terminating the EAC is warranted and urges the Committee on House Administration not to report this legislation. Members of the LWVUS Lobby Corps will also be addressing this with select House offices.

News of the Week
Women’s history month continues to shine a light on our wonderful members and the important work the League does including our commitment to voting rights
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Debra Chandler Palm Beach County Appointment


Debra Chandler Appointed to Palm Beach County 19-member Citizen Sales Tax Oversight Committee

DEBRA CHANDLERDebra Chandler, 2nd vice president and Advocacy co-chair, was appointed to the Palm Beach County 19-member Citizen Sales Tax Oversight Committee. The County Commission made the appointment during its March 14 meeting. Debra will represent the League of Women Voters on the volunteer committee. The Commission chose to include the League as a representative of the citizens of Palm Beach County.

The Citizen Sales Tax Oversight Committee was mandated by the Palm Beach County Commission following voter approval of a one-cent sales tax increase in November 2016. The tax increase, which is expected to generate $2.7 billion over a decade, must be used to improve schools, and county and city infrastructure. Schools will receive 50 …

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Hot Topic was indeed “HOT”!

Rita Thrasher

March 15, 2017 Hot Topic was indeed “HOT”!

By Ellen Norman and Nancy Gau

Karen Wilkerson, President of the LWV of PBC welcomed a well attended  Hot Topics Luncheon crowd on March 15.  News from the President:

  • A new Spanish-language directory of elected officials will be published.
  • Darlene Kostrub, Membership Chair,  was commended for the increase of 50 members last month and the more than 60 new members who will attend the April 1 New Member Orientation.
  • Debra Chandler has been appointed to the Citizens Review Committee for the Oversight of the Penny Sales Tax in Palm Beach County.
  • Fourteen League members from Palm Beach County are traveling to Tallahassee to lobby.
  • March 15 was designated as “Hear Our Voice Day,”  sponsored by the Women’s March Committee  and
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“We Are One” – The Voices of “I AM 1” Women

"We Are One" - The Voices of "I AM 1" Women video

Click here to watch the video.

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