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High Schoolers Get Serious About Voting

Well HSOn the heels of recent events, high school students are speaking loudly and effectively and are poised to vote their passions. Local students initiated voter registration drives by asking the League for assistance. LWVPBC launched a successful campaign, operating voter registration centers at Wellington, Forest Hills and Palm Beach Central High Schools.

The League trained student government reps to assist in registration and recruit prospects, thus ensuring student participation. The result – at Wellington, 13 League volunteers and student government reps were able to register 144 students in one 45 minute lunch period. A record 352 students were registered in one week. Most of them will be of voting age by Election Day this November!

GR with registrants

The League will follow-up by keeping relevant statistics and working to convert the …

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YES Virginia, Every Vote Counts – Even Yours!

Did you know the United States ranks consistently near the bottom in voter turnout for national elections in developed nations? Countries like Peru, Belgium or Australia that have compulsory voting (all eligible voters must vote) enjoy over 80% voter turnout vs. less than 60% in the US. In 2014 that number hit a low of 37%.

Why do so many people choose to stay home?

  • Voter suppression via election district gerrymandering or repressive voter ID laws has largely disadvantaged minorities, students, the elderly and the poor.
  • Old technology and absence of mail-in, early voting, adequate polling places or weekend voting options has created long waits and major inconvenience for people who must make work or childcare a priority.
  • But most evident is a sense of disillusion, powerlessness, perception
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Legislative Update: Video Link

Click to watch the Live Stream Video.


Legislative Update video


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This page changes frequently.  It is setup to provide a direct link to live event streaming events.  On March 16th at 730am we will have the Legislative Update.  Please visit this page at that time to watch it live.

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Student Membership in the League

Dear Leaguers,
We’re thrilled to spread the following announcement to all our Florida members:
The League of Women Voters fully supports and is engaging high school and college students across the country in their movement to express their voice at the ballot box. For this reason, LWV Florida raised to LWVUS the issue of barriers to LWV membership for students. A membership fee is quite the obstacle for young people who are politically engaged and want to get involved at the local and state level.
So, the National Board met this week and voted to waive student PMP, effective immediately until January 31, 2021.
A big thank you goes out to LWVUS board directors from Florida, Maribel Balbin and Jessica Lowe-Minor for their support of this idea. You
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Legislative Update


You’re invited to a Legislative Update to learn about the accomplishments of the 2018 Legislative Session with members of the Palm Beach County delegation.

Friday, March 16

7:15 am Networking

7:45 am Program begins

Lifelong Learning Auditorium at FAU John D. MacArthur Campus (Jupiter)

Please RSVP using the following link

This event is free of charge.

Legislative Update
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Florida Sugar Tour

By Kathy Panko, Environmental Issues Group

Florida SugarThe Florida Sugar Cane League, Inc. hosted a tour of the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) for the League of Women Voters on January 24th. The tour was both educational and fun!

Morgan Cintron, Community Relations Manager, accompanied our group on the bus ride to Clewiston. She explained that the EAA grows much more than sugar cane. It is the country’s largest supplier of winter vegetables, including sweet corn, green beans, celery, radishes, cabbage, melons, lettuce and other leafy greens, as well as rice. Sugar cane is planted from September through January and is harvested between September and late April. It is sold under the names: “Florida Crystals” or “Domino Sugar.”

Upon arrival, the group viewed a historical presentation of water management and …

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Young Leaguers March Meeting


Young Leaguers March meeting

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PBC Aid to Homebuyers

Read the article in The Palm Beach Post.


PBC may offer down-payment aid to homebuyers

Assistance would be based on income and cost of house.

By Wayne Washington Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker

Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker has often noted the scarcity of affordable housing in the county. LANNIS WATERS / THE PALM BEACH POST

Low-income residents in Palm Beach County could get as much as $38,500 in down-payment assistance through a new program the county is working on.

The county’s workforce housing program has required developers to set aside units that would be available at below-market prices. Developers can — and usually do — pay a fee in lieu of building that housing.

The county has collected $3 million in fees that it …

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Voter Registration Certification Quiz


By Pam Maldonado


All League members who want to participate in voter registration events must obtain State certification by passing a quiz. However, some members have had difficulty accessing the Voter Registration Certification Quiz on the website.  We have just learned that the League recently modified the address.


For those who need to obtain State registration credentials, follow these instructions:


  •     Go to (Currently, there is no button on the home page, so you must type in “toolbox.”)
  •     PASSWORD:  SusanBAnthony
  •     PROTECTED REGISTER VOTERS:  “Access Materials”
  •     Review Step 1:  Voter Registration Tool Kit
  •     Review Step 2:  10 Steps to Register Voters in FL
  •     Step 3:  “TAKE THE QUIZ”
  •     Receive Confirmation**
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