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Cool Topic: Education in Palm Beach County

Watch the archived live stream:

Noteworthy comments by LWVPBC President:

Reviewed by Marsha Vinson

The Palm Beach Post Auditorium was a packed house on Saturday morning, February 3. League members, local educators, county residents and families listened attentively to the panel comprised of Palm Beach County School Board members and our own committee chairs: Christine Campbell Gabor, Civics Education, and Kimberly Spire-Oh, Education.  Attendees received insights regarding pending legislation in Tallahassee and issues facing the Palm Beach County schools–with emphasis on charter/private schools.


Moderator Debra Chandler stands on left with panelists ( r.) Marcia Andrews, Karen Brill, Chuck Shaw, Christene Campbell-Gabor, Kimberley Spire-Oh, and Erica Whitfield.

Pending Legislation: Florida House Education Bills & Public Education

  • HB 7055: An Education Omnibus/School Choice Bill including private school vouchers to students
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County Commissioners Meeting- January


January 23, 2018

by Andrea Weiss

The meeting was long and at times contentious, but on January 23, the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners took critical steps toward reinstating an MWBE (Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises program) to address long-standing discriminatory practices in awarding county contracts for service — primarily professional services and construction — that have blocked MWBEs from receiving contract awards in statistically significant numbers.

Study on Discriminatory Procurement Practices

A disparity study recently completed for the County by Mason Tillman Associates, Ltd. concludes that discriminatory procurement practices documented more than 20 years ago continue to this day, advises the County of its obligation to ensure that tax dollars do not support discrimination, and recommends that appropriate

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Park or Homes?

Park or Homes? Boynton makes a decision on land next to Leisureville

boynton leisureville

Boynton Beach plans to sell more than three acres valued at about $271,000 to a community adjacent to the land for use as a park and for recreation instead of Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach, which would build homes for low-income families.

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Black History Month

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Black History Month

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Education In Palm Beach Country Issues and Ideas

A live feed of an education discussion with board members, education board members, advocates and more! Watch here:

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Hot Topics- Who Makes the Decisions for Us?

HOT TOPIC from January 17, 2018

Speaker: Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner, Esq., District 3

PBC vs. State of Florida

Who Makes the Decisions for Us?

Video feed of event: 

Reviewed by Marsha Vinson

The impact of this Hot Topics presentation by Mr. Kerner, a highly accomplished public servant with active private sector experience, will continue to have tremendous legal significance to our League.  Mr. Kerner was introduced by Linda Geller-Schwartz, Voting Rights Co-Chair.


State Pre-emption of Local Regulations

To properly understand Florida State vs. Palm Beach County decision-making, an understanding of the legal doctrine of State Pre-emption is important for League members.  The doctrine refers to the state intent to preempt all local regulations that are in a particular area.  This is a complex subject …

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Sea Level Rise



By Kathy Panko, Environmental Issues Group

The seas around Florida have been rising for eons.  How quickly they rise over the next 100 years will pose a host of challenges for the state and reshape Florida in the years to come.  Timing is everything.

Historical Perspective

Florida has 18,000 years of experience with sea-level rise.  At the peak of the last glacial cycle, when seas were far lower, you could hike south from the site of present-day Tampa to Key West.  The beach sat 100 miles to the west of present-day Fort Myers.  Florida’s experience since the peak of the Ice Age shows unequivocally that the sea has been rising ever since that hike was possible.  The bulk of the …

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Solar Co-op Closing


Video feed of recent Solar Co-Op event:

By Diane Marks

Solar Energy is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for the consumer.

The final Information Meeting for the Solar Co-op in Palm Beach County was held on January 20th at the County Library in Palm Beach Gardens.


Mary Dipboye and Michael Cohen came down from Orlando to give the presentation and answer the many questions the audience asked.

Palm Beach solar co-op closing

Pictured above (l. to r.) are Kay Gates, Diane Marks, Mike Fitzpatrick and Deb Evans.


Justin Hoysradt from the selected Solar Installer, Vinyasun, also attended to answer any questions about installation.


As of 1/15/18, there are 100 households in the Solar co-op.  This Solar Co-op closes

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Kudos to the Healthcare Team



By Nancy Gau


Knowing they were imminently facing massive cuts (fewer navigators, loss of advertising, etc.), the Affordable Care Act program needed help for the 2017 open enrollment period this past November. So LWVPBC stepped in!

Special Meeting

The Healthcare Issue Group called a special meeting, inviting guests from Health Council of SE Florida (HCSEF) and the Health District.  We obtained their fliers, constructed fliers of our own, made hundreds of copies, and hit the road.  We distributed the information to churches, schools, community centers, town halls, etc.

Individual and Collective Effort

One member alone, Polly Maier, works downtown and distributed fliers to Legal Aid, DMV Tax Office, WPB City Library, WPB Parole Offices, Social Security Office, Vital Statistics Office, FL …

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Reading – The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Reading - The Tyranny of Good IntentionsREADING FOR INSIGHT AND ACTION

By Faith Schullstrom


The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Are Trampling the Law in the Name of Justice by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton


Originally published in 2000 and updated in 2008, The Tyranny of Good Intentions remains a provocative, if somewhat depressing, text.  The authors demonstrate how laws designed to prevent bad behavior or ”crack down on crime” fail to protect the individual as crusading legislators and unscrupulous enforcers of the law and prosecutors turn the law into a weapon.

As the presumption of innocence is abrogated, the consequences are severe. The authors assert that the United States “has not only the largest percentage of its citizens imprisoned but also the largest absolute number …

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