Get Sun Sense- video

Don’t pay the power company, let them pay you!

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Video of Rising Sea Level Hot Topic

Want to know more about the rising sea levels? Watch Jon Englander’s video channel on YouTube.

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Legislative Update: Video Link

Click to watch the Live Stream Video.


Legislative Update video


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Why Courts Matter- You Be the Judge- Video

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Video- NPVIC, Kathleen Crampton

LWVPBC member Kathleen Crampton testifying in support of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact at the Wednesday September 27th Palm Beach County Legislative hearing in Boca Raton, FL.


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Analysis: What stopped the first Lake O reservoir in mid-construction?

It’s been nearly 10 years, but debate continues: What stopped a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee in mid-construction?

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Watch the video:

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On June 13, members and friends met at the Palm Beach Post Building to hear an evening Why Courts Matter presentation on the Role of the Courts in Immigration. Attorney Jackie Delgado provided a history of immigration in the United States and, also, explained the present systems that pertain to family sponsorships, “dreamers,” backlog of citizenship applications, etc.


This was the first in our 2017 series of Why Courts Matter. To view the entire presentation, please go to the LWVPBC’s Facebook page at

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Tech Tips- Video Streaming

tech tipsWe are working hard to bring you content even if you cannot make it to an event!  You can view it, share it and even comment.

To access our live video streaming of events presented by the league, go to our Facebook page (please like the page and share it with friends) and click on videos.  All the streamed content will be there to view anytime and it’s easy to share.

For those who want a direct link to the video page:


Ken Horkavy

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Immigration Video- The Role of the Courts

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What does the Health Care District do?

Inspiring to learn what the Health Care District of Palm Beach County does!

Thanks Rick Roche! Here is a link to their facebook page:

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