Voter Services

Voter Services

Young Leaguers

Focus: Participate and organize voter registration and education activities at various sites in Palm Beach County. Work with speakers bureau and other committees to provide voter registration services.

Chair: Harriet Diamond (, 772-696-2514)

Meetings:  First Thursday of the Month, at Children’s Services Council, 2300 High Ridge Road, Boynton, Beach, Fl.…

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Voter Services Committee to Expand Meeting Reach

The Voter Services Committee is expanding its outreach to members by adding monthly meetings via conference call. If you work or cannot attend the in-person meetings, evening conference calls will be held every other month starting April 5th 2018 from 6-7 PM. The Committee meets the first Thursday of the month Conference calls will alternate with in-person meetings every other month.

Call-in information can be found on the League of Women Voter’s Events Calendar. The link is:

The Committee will also send out email reminders and call-in instructions prior to the meetings.

In-person Voter Services meetings are usually held at the Children’s Services Council Building in Boynton Beach at 9:30 AM. The next in-person meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 3rd.

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High Schoolers Get Serious About Voting

Well HSOn the heels of recent events, high school students are speaking loudly and effectively and are poised to vote their passions. Local students initiated voter registration drives by asking the League for assistance. LWVPBC launched a successful campaign, operating voter registration centers at Wellington, Forest Hills and Palm Beach Central High Schools.

The League trained student government reps to assist in registration and recruit prospects, thus ensuring student participation. The result – at Wellington, 13 League volunteers and student government reps were able to register 144 students in one 45 minute lunch period. A record 352 students were registered in one week. Most of them will be of voting age by Election Day this November!

GR with registrants

The League will follow-up by keeping relevant statistics and working to convert the …

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YES Virginia, Every Vote Counts – Even Yours!

Did you know the United States ranks consistently near the bottom in voter turnout for national elections in developed nations? Countries like Peru, Belgium or Australia that have compulsory voting (all eligible voters must vote) enjoy over 80% voter turnout vs. less than 60% in the US. In 2014 that number hit a low of 37%.

Why do so many people choose to stay home?

  • Voter suppression via election district gerrymandering or repressive voter ID laws has largely disadvantaged minorities, students, the elderly and the poor.
  • Old technology and absence of mail-in, early voting, adequate polling places or weekend voting options has created long waits and major inconvenience for people who must make work or childcare a priority.
  • But most evident is a sense of disillusion, powerlessness, perception
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Voter Registration Certification Quiz


By Pam Maldonado


All League members who want to participate in voter registration events must obtain State certification by passing a quiz. However, some members have had difficulty accessing the Voter Registration Certification Quiz on the website.  We have just learned that the League recently modified the address.


For those who need to obtain State registration credentials, follow these instructions:


  •     Go to (Currently, there is no button on the home page, so you must type in “toolbox.”)
  •     PASSWORD:  SusanBAnthony
  •     PROTECTED REGISTER VOTERS:  “Access Materials”
  •     Review Step 1:  Voter Registration Tool Kit
  •     Review Step 2:  10 Steps to Register Voters in FL
  •     Step 3:  “TAKE THE QUIZ”
  •     Receive Confirmation**
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Hispanic Voters at Fiesta de Pueblo


By Pam Maldonado, Voter Services Committee Chair


An enthusiastic group of Leaguers attended the PR-Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Fiesta de Pueblo in Greenacres Park on Three Kings Day, January 6th.  Unlike last year, which was rainy, windy and cold, the weather could not have been more beautiful and the crowd was appreciably larger.  The constant music was contagious and it was hard to keep from dancing around as we tried to snag people to register.


We were extremely pleased when Mr. Wilsonnet Cabrera Rosado (pictured here), recently arrived from Puerto Rico, came over and said he wanted to register.  He and his family have relocated to Greenacres from Corozal, a city in the north central part of the …

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Fiesta de Pueblo

For the second year in a row, we will be participating in the “Fiesta de Pueblo,” the traditional Puerto Rican celebration of Three Kings Day (“El Día de los Reyes Magos”).  This annual event is sponsored by the Puerto Rican-Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the City of Greenacres.

Saturday, January 6th, from 3-10 pm
Community Park of Greenacres
2905 Jog Rd, Greenacres, FL 33467

We’ll have a tent set up to register voters and to provide information on elections, especially to those who have recently arrived from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Come join the fun and bring your family!  There will be great Latin music to get your hips and feet moving, as well as all kinds of traditional Puerto Rican delicacies.  The little ones will enjoy

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LWVPBC at West Palm Beach Green Market

On Saturday, Dec. 2, we started our voter registration season at the Green Market in West Palm Beach. Amid swarms of people enjoying the sunshine and gourmet offerings of local vendors, Marc Bruner, Kelly Domnick, Polly Maier and Pam Maldonado manned the tent, registering voters and circulating the Former Felons Rights Restoration petition.

The highlight of the day was “capturing” several new teenage voters who will automatically receive their Voter Registration Cards upon their 18th birthday.

Just as we were winding up the day, we met the Huber family–parents, grandparents and two teen daughters. We spoke to them for quite a while and discovered that one daughter–Hayley–is 16 years old, and thus eligible to register to vote.


Her Mom shouted to her to come over because she …

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National Voter Registration Day

By Pam Maldonado, Voter Services Co-Chair


LWVPBC will partner with F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association for a National Voter Registration Day event at Keiser University in West Palm Beach. The Cunningham Bar Association, a group of black attorneys, has declared voter registration to be a major focus of their activities this year.  We are looking forward to working with them on this event and in the future!


In preparation for our upcoming collaboration at a National Voter Registration Day event at Keiser University, Ethelene Jones and I attended a meeting of the F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association at the Main Courthouse in West Palm Beach.  We discussed the League—it’s history, challenges and activities, the petition to return former felons’ voting rights, followed by a …

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