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Immigration Video- The Role of the Courts

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Voting Rights Updates- June 2017


Lots of great articles about so many voting rights issues.  Don’t miss the Times article about Kris Kobach, the inspiration for the Voter Fraud inquiry.  -Nancy

Automatic voter registration-


Increasing Voter Turnout for 2018 and Beyond-®ion=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region&_r=0


Hiring people with criminal records is good business-


Follow up to our recent Why Courts Matter presentation on Immigration: Denaturalization threat-
League Joins Amicus in Maslenjak v. United States

The League joined an amicus in Maslenjak v. United States. The case will be argued at the U.S. Supreme Court on April 26, 2017. The brief argues that the Sixth Circuit’s holding—that any knowing false statement or omission can be grounds for denaturalization and criminal prosecution—would have dire consequences for naturalized citizens, significantly discourage lawful immigrants …

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Why Courts Matter: Courts and Immigration

Cool Topics


By Nancy Cohen

Do you realize how important a fully functioning federal court system equipped to safeguard the rights of all Americans is to you?  The League, along with its co-sponsors, has again received mini-grants from Progress Florida Education Institute (PFEI) to educate and raise awareness on the impact of federal courts on important issues.

We start with a burning issue: Immigration.

Jacqueline Delgado, daughter of Cuban immigrants and an active immigration lawyer, will speak about The Role of the Courts in Immigration.  Learn how the courts and federal court decisions have affected the trajectory of this important issue and how tax and economic policy affect immigration policy. Read an interesting article on the subject of Immigration and

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Video: Miami Rights | May 10, 2017 Pt. 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

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Voting Rights Coalition- May Newsletter

By Nancy Cohen, Co-chair              

The Voting Rights Coalition is an active engaged group who study, educate and advocate about voting rights and who are guided by our League U.S. position:

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.

We are focused on:

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Breaking News: Restoring The Vote

The Florida Supreme Court gave approval on April 20, 2017 for ballot language for a proposed amendment to the Florida state constitution that would automatically restore the right to vote for persons with past felony convictions.  Florida is one of four states with a lifetime ban on voting.  Restoring the vote and a constitutional amendment to achieve the same is a 2017 legislative priority of the Florida League of Women Voters.

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Here is a related article by one of our favorite columnists, Frank Cerabino.

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Voting Rights Coalition

Womens March

By Nancy Cohen

What is NPVIC?
The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among states to award all Electoral College votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

  • In 2 of the last 5 presidential elections the candidate who won the most votes did not become President
  • Your Florida vote is worth less than 1/3 of a vote in the least populous states

The Voting Rights Coalition is campaigning to change our system of electing the president. Learn about NPVIC: a Constitutional way to uphold the bedrock principle of one person, one vote:

The Voting Rights Coalition meets on the first Thursday of each month at 2 pm at Compass, 201 North Dixie, Lake Worth. Join us.

For more info or to …

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Voting Rights

League Policy: The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.
Our coalition is made up of the Palm Beach County chapters of the League of Women Voters, National Council of Jewish Women, and American Civil Liberties Union.

The focus of the coalition is to:

  • To assure voting rights for all Florida citizens;
  • combat voter suppression in its many forms. We study redistricting and follow litigation, both national and in Florida. Gerrymandering of districts has made a joke of ‘one man, one vote’. Nationwide and in Florida, elected officials have drawn district lines to protect incumbents. These inequities are a major threat to our democracy;
  • advocate for passage of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Since
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Why Courts Matter Video Series

videos why courts matter

Why Courts Matter Series – November 19, 2016

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How Judicial Vacancies Impede Access to Justice- Nancy Abudu, Legal Director for the ACLU of Florida. The high number of judicial vacancies on the federal bench has led to significant delays, and sometimes outright denials, in the appellate context. Federal court vacancies were suddenly in the news after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death created a vacancy on the US Supreme Court. Much of what we hear focuses on landmark cases and constitutional challenges. But our country’s federal courts make rulings on virtually every issue that is important to Americans.

Anisha Singh is the Campaign Manager for Legal Progress at American Progress.

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Justice Barbara J. Pariente

Justice Pariente

Justice ParienteSAVE THE DATE!

  • Sunday April 23, 2017
  • 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Boulevard, Lake Worth, Florida
  • $35 (Includes lunch) if registered at least 10 days in advance
  • $45 for later registration
  • Register online.


“Current and Future Challenges facing Florida’s Judiciary”
Justice Pariente has served on the Florida Supreme Court since 1998 and was elected as Chief Justice from 2004 through 2006. She was the second woman to have been appointed to the Supreme Court. Concerned about increasingly political attacks on the judiciary, she has been active in the National Association of Women Judges’ Informed Voters – Fair Judges Project (IVP), which is a non-partisan voter education project designed to educate voters about the importance of a fair and impartial …

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