Civics Education and Senator Bob Graham

The Civics Education Committee, under the energetic leadership of Christene Campbell-Gabor, continues to seek out new opportunities to make a positive difference!

On June 29, representatives from our League joined Senator Bob Graham for a productive meeting regarding the history and the future of Civics Education in Florida. Ideas and advice were exchanged between Senator Graham, LWVPBC Vice President Debra Chandler, LWVPBC Civics Education Chair Christene Campbell-Gabor, Intern Faith Maniti, and LWVPBC President Karen Wilkerson.

Promote Protect the Vote

Roundtable discussion with (l. to r.) Debra Chandler, Senator Bob Graham, Christene Campbell-Gabor, Faith Maniti, and Karen Wilkerson.

Senator Graham, a charming, Southern gentleman, was Governor of Florida from 1979 to 1987. Currently, at the University of Florida, he heads the Bob Graham Center for Public Service, “a community of students, scholars, and citizens who share a commitment to renewing the values, knowledge and skills of citizenship and training the next generation of public and private sector leaders.”

Members of the LWVPBC Civics Education Committee will be going to the center this summer to explore the possibilities of joining forces in an effort to ensure that Civics Education is available for all.

Senator Graham’s experience in office and his passion for civics education brought innovative ideas to the discussion.  Questions like, “What does a citizen need to do to for the government to respond?” led to a discussion on civics education and some legislative opposition to it.  With support from the Senator, and passionate groups like LWVPBC, the goal of further civics education implementation is closer than ever.