Civics Education, Civility, Voting

The message at the Sunday, November 26 Celebration of America at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton was clear.  Civics Education, Civility and Voting are of the utmost importance to our democracy.

Dr. Robert Watson

Dr. Watson, pictured left speaking, reminded us that America was founded with Cooperation, Compromise and Consensus.  The LWVPBC Civics Education Committee will take the 3Cs to heart when working with the schools, community and other groups.







Elayne Goodman, Nikki Descoteaux and Dr. Tom Gabor

Attendees included: Dr. Robert Watson, Rep. Lori Berman, LWV PBC members pictured here left to right Elayne Goodman, Nikki Descoteaux, and Tom Gabor. Claire Press, Barbara Katz, Daniel Goldstein and Christene Campbell-Gabor were also in attendance.