Cool Topic: Constitutional Crises

Irving Labovitz, J.D.By Marsha Vinson

Despite stormy skies, on September 27, Attorney Irving Labovitz presented a menu of legal issues which confront all of us. With insight and humor, Labovitz discussed many topics including: Gerrymandering, the travel ban, impeachment requirements, honoring the American flag, collusion vs. conspiring, sanctuary cities, executive order, and executive privilege.

Labovitz’s discussion of Gerrymandering included the history of the term and the pivotal role that the League of Women Voters in Arizona in the case of Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the independent redistricting commission could be set by the voters to establish fair districts. The commission in that state was created by popular vote through a ballot initiative.

Just a few years ago the Florida League of Women Voters won its case against the redistricting maps drawn by the state legislature. Not only did the League get the legislative proposal thrown out by the Florida Supreme Court, but also got the court to select the League proposed redistricting plan.

Although we hear about “conflict of interest” in the media these days, the President is actually immune from this situation. The STOCK Act dealing with this issue only applies to Congress not the executive branch. However, the Office of Government Ethics does apply to both the President and the vice President.

As for immigration law enforcement, Labovitz informed the Cool Topic audience at the Palm Beach Post Auditorium that it is solely the duty of the federal officials, not municipal or state law enforcement.

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