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Our volunteers are our strongest and truest treasure, but we need your help to continue the good fight. We need financial fuel to provide the support they need to make their voices exponentially stronger.

By donating to LWVPBC, you are supporting a growing organization with a proven track record on multiple issues. For instance –

  • We can get constitutional ballot amendments to pass or fail;
  • We can help legislation pass or fail;
  • When we can’t win with advocacy, we are unafraid to go to the courts.

Your donation today will help support this important work.

Donations to the LWVPBC General Fund are not tax deductible.
Donations to the LWVPBC Education Fund will only be used for education, and are tax deductible.

If sending a check, please send to:

LWV Palm Beach County
P.O. Box 6208
Delray Beach, FL 33482-6208

Please support the League by making a donation:

Contributions help us continue our important work but are not tax deductible.

Please support the League’s Education Fund by making a charitable donation: 

Contributions are tax deductible.