Environmental Report- July

Environmental Team

July, 2017

The LWV is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. League works to increase understanding on major policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Official League position statements are issued only by the President or designee. Action on issues should be done as an individual and not as a League member.

During this time of political change, how will we most effectively meet the environmental challenges.

Our issues:

  • Solar with co-ops May 17 Hot Topics was a fun and informative luncheon. The LWVPBC and the Sierra Club will have their kick off with WPB Mayor Muoio and PBCC Mayor Burdick on October 4 at Pine Jog Environmental Center. Contact Diane Marks to volunteer 561-752-83311.
  • Fracking Ban Ordinance to maintain Home Rule in PBC will be worked on with the PBC BOCC. Contact Jim Ewing 561-598-9314. Obtain the most current, preferable ban, present in small groups to commissioners.
  • Create or obtain a Power Point on fracking for the Speakers Bureau. We are working on a PP from reThinkEnergyFlorida and have written permission to use and make changes. The Notes and Slides have been reviewed and accepted by Karen Wilkerson. We will present the PP to our committee as a whole at Compass soon. Date TBD.
  • Water…keeping it clean and financing. State League is working toward funding Florida Forever. The bill of Sen J. Negron and the reservoir are being implemented by Fl Legislature and Army Corp Of Engs. I attended Gov Bob Graham and 1000 Friends of Fl conference call on funding ideas for Fl Forever. How is it 74% of Fl electorate can pass an amendment and get it into a law with funding and our Legislators and Governor do not implement it…?
        • Sea Level Rise … find or create a PowerPoint … Possibly John Englander will assist (maybe Caela) next project.
  • The Ag Reserve … New GL Homes Developments. We will work with Sierra Club and Drew Martin. Attend County Board, workshops, hearings, zoning meetings. Please attend an Advocacy training session. Pat Edmonson and Rob Long from Soil and Water Conservancy District (Headlines in the Palm Beach Post today) have a passed Resolution on the Ag Reserve which will be presented to Mayor Burdick and the PBC Commissioners. Nikki with COWBRA leaders have been very supportive.
  • Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP) was presented to City of Boca Raton. The Resolution was approved unanimously! We are still working with the City of Wellington to get them aboard.

Please keep calling your legislator and senator.

Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP) relevant to SLR and municipal cooperation through four Southeast counties is again being researched in PBC for sustainability activities. This involves having the Mayor’s Resolution signed by participating cities. Now 29 cities in PBC have signed on. Delray beach is very active with sustainability.

At a Federal level, Climate Change Lobby (CCL) is partnering one Republican with one Democratic Legislator to work on lowering our carbon footprints. Monica Mayotte is working with Rep. Ted Deutch in south PBC. We will have a joint meeting with CCL in October. Louis Merlin with the organization is looking for someone to lead a chapter in the Mid and North PBC area.

A special thanks to all those who have taken on an activity in support of our world.

Contact Lorraine Zimmerman to sign on in your area of interest. 561-241-3264