Faith Maniti – New LWV Intern

By Emily Rosen

Faith ManitiFor anyone losing faith in the humanitarian values and character of today’s youth, take heart – and meet Faith Maniti, our recent LWV intern who is working with Christine Campbell Gabor on the Civics Education  Committee. And for anyone out there (though not likely in our LWV community) who questions the value of having a pro-active immigrant population  — again – here is  new member Faith who embodies everything we could want in our melding culture of young people.

Born in Manilla in the Philippines, Faith moved with her family to Florida when she was 6 years old and in August she will begin her senior year at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach where they live.

“My school has played a large part in contributing to my success. I don’t know of any other high school that is so open and encouraging to students’ aspirations and interests. My ambitions in life range from passing a United States civics education curriculum, to starting an international organization for poverty- stricken regions, to being a member, and potentially, President of the United Nations Human Rights Council. My plan is to attend either Georgetown or George Washington University for Political Science/Pre Law. “

Faith has “made it her job” to increase civic engagement among youth outside of school.”  I’ve persuaded teachers at Oxbridge to offer extra credit to students who attend League events” in the hope that this might potentially encourage their future activity with the League.

More mature than her 17 years might suggest, Faith is able to assess her own abilities, as she confidently affirms, “My strengths are multi-faceted thinking as regards problem-solving,” which she attributes to her experience when she was involved with Model UN Resolution-Making Skills which included speaking diplomatically to others, and her personal “fave,” public speaking, which she does “for pleasure and leisure.”  She is “comfortable speaking in front of one person or 1000 people,” finding it a powerful way to share ideas.  

It’s no surprise to learn that Faith has pretty much mapped out her activities for the next year.  “I will be going to Oregon in November for the 2017 American Water Resource Association conference to present my paper on Fishery Generated Debris in South-Eastern Florida Coasts and Marine Waste Management. During Spring, I will potentially be going on a research ship which would travel in Latin America to test water quality. And next summer, I will be going to the Philippines to celebrate my 18th birthday with my family.”  And, oh yes, despite her admitted college preference, she will still be doing the college tours throughout the year.

Faith came to the League the old fashioned way. Too young to vote, she was aware that “there are more ways than just voting to contribute civically. “I didn’t know where to start, but older friends and mentors suggested the League, and after reading about its values and principles, it was inevitable that I join.”

And as we get to know our young, enthusiastic intern, it’s not hard to guess that her hobbies would be “reading, keeping up with current events, researching, spending time with friends, and meeting new people.”

I’d love to set up an appointment to interview her ten years from now.