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Sadowski Affiliates Webinar
Friday, January 26 at 11am

Register for a Sadowski Affiliates Webinar on Florida’s Housing Trust Funds scheduled for Friday, January 26 at 11am. The free webinar for Sadowski Affiliates is open to all housing trust fund advocates.

During this free webinar, we will provide an update on the major housing legislation this session. 

The Sadowski Affiliates webinars provides you with information that will help you know what is happening with the housing trust funds and how you can help. Join the Sadowski Affiliates by emailing 

Presenters: Jaimie Ross, facilitator of Sadowski Housing Coalition and president of Florida Housing Coalition; and Mark Hendrickson, executive committee member, Florida Housing Coalition Board and executive director of Florida ALHFA.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Johnitta Wells at

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