Gun Safety for Children

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Myth #1 GOOD GUYs vs. BAD GUYS When a child “uses” a loaded gun in play, or a teen in a suicide attempt, or a spouse in a domestic violence assault … who exactly is the bad guy with a gun and how will a good guy with a gun be the answer?

Myth #2 GUNS GIVE WOMEN PROTECTION AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE Women living in a home with guns were 7 times more likely to be killed by a spouse, intimate acquaintance, or relative. When a women attempts to use a gun in defense she is too often overpowered and loses control of the gun. (M. Franks, Professor of Law, University of Miami)

Myth #3 CONCEALED WEAPON POLICIES DETER CRIME The National Research Council conducted an analysis with an extended timeframe to 2000. The conclusion reached by 17 of the 18 panel members was that the existing research was inadequate to claim that the right to carry laws increased or decreased crime. (A. Aneja, J. Donohue, A. Zhang, The impact of right to carry laws and the NRC report:  Lessons for the empirical evaluation of law and policy.  American Law and economics Review, 2011, 13: 565-632)

Further extending the analysis to 2010, researchers from Stanford University and Johns Hopkins found that these laws actually are “associated with substantially higher rates of aggravated assault, rape, robbery and murder.” (A. Aneja, J. Donohue, A. Zhang, The impact of right to carry laws and the NRC report:  The latest lessons for the empirical evaluation of law and policy.  Stanford, CA: Stanford University, 2014 (September 4).

Myth #4 “GUN FREE ZONES” ATTRACT VIOLENCE “There is no evidence to support the claim that mass shooters choose their settings based on gun regulations.” (M. Franks, Professor of Law, University of Miami)

Myth #5 GUNS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES MAKE THOSE CAMPUSES SAFER “The rate of forcible rape on Utah and Colorado campuses [where concealed carry is permitted] is rising at … a much higher than the rate of the national average…” (Gavran, 2015)

In Florida, 100% of Florida State presidents and college police forces, and the Florida Boards of Governors oppose allowing guns on Florida state college campuses. (League of Women Voters, Florida, 2015)

Myth #6 GUNS IN THE HOME ARE THE BEST WAY TO PROTECT A FAMILY FROM HOME-INVASIONS “The statistical reality is that for every lethal shooting in defense of life or property, guns are used to commit 34 murders and 78 suicides, and are the cause of two accidental deaths.” (Washington Post analysis of FBI data, 2015)

CONCLUSION: “Overwhelming scholarly evidence … demonstrates that increasing gun ownership and access does not make the community safer” (M. Franks, Professor of Law, University of Miami)


1. On an average day, more than 90 people are killed by guns in homicides, suicides, and accidents. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Vital Statistics Report.  Deaths, Final Data for 2013.  Table 10.) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Overall firearm gunshot nonfatal injuries and rates per 100,000 (2013),

2. In 2013, 117,894 Americans were either killed or treated for firearm-related injuries. WISQARS,;  CDC, FastStats, Mortality (2013),

3. In 2013, there were 21,175 firearm suicides. (Center for Disease Control)

4. Adolescent suicides are 4 times more likely in homes with loaded guns. Teens in the USA are 17 times more likely to be killed by guns than European teens. (Annual Review of Public Health, 2012)

5. More pre-school children were killed by guns than police officers in 2007. (Children’s Defense Fund, 2010)

6. Americans are 20 times more likely to be murdered by a firearm as compared to other industrialized countries. (Center for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 1997)

No other country in the world comes even close to the gun fatalities plaguing the United States. All sorts of models for responsible and reasonable gun regulation laws exist somewhere on the planet. And these countries have statistically proven that such legislations can make significant impact on gun violence. We all need to demand change!