Guns and Kids: Preventing Tragedies

Please come and learn how kids from toddlers to young adults are impacted by the abundance of guns in our society. The LWVPBC is presenting and event with panelists, Dr. Tom Gabor, author of CONFRONTING GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA, County Commissioner Dave Kerner, Dr. Debra Robinson, PBC school board member, and Captain Michael Wallace representing the PBC Sheriff’s office.

Saturday, MAY 13, 2017, 2:00 – 4:00
Hagen Ranch Road Library
14350 Hagen Ranch Road, Delray Beach

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Dr. Tom Gabor: Criminologist, author, Confronting Gun Violence in America

PBC Commissioner Dave Kerner: Former state legislator, prosecutor, police officer

PBC School Board Member Dr. Debra Robinson: Retired physician, community activist

PBC Sheriff Office Captain Michael Wallace: Commander of the Violent Crimes Division and Replica Guns Task Force