Guns and Kids: Preventing Tragedies

By Rosalie Almborg


  • In Florida, more children die from guns than from illness.
  • In Florida a child is shot every 17 hours.
  • The U.S. has 49 times the gun homicide rate for 15-24 year-olds when compared to  22 other high income countries.
  • Handguns are banned in the United Kingdom.
  • In Canada, only 50 to 100 people have a permit to carry a gun for protection, compared to Florida where 1,800,000 people have similar permits.


A panel discussion brought out the above facts and statistics on Saturday, March 13, at the League-sponsored event Kids and Guns: Preventing Violence.  The well-attended event took place at the Hagen Ranch Library in Delray Beach.


On the panel were Tom Gabor, author and criminologist; Dave Kerner, County Commissioner; Capt. Mike Wallace of the Palm Beach County Sheriff Department; and Dr. Debra Robinson of the Palm Beach County School Board.

In addition to depressing statistics and facts, the discussion highlighted gun safely.  Guns, of course, should be stored unloaded and in a locked drawer or cabinet.

When a child is invited to a friend’s home, parents should ask whether guns are present in the home and how they are stored.


Impassioned panelists shared sometimes shocking, sometimes saddening information throughout the discussion.  Everyone went home knowing more about our culture of guns, its effect on our kids, and guidelines to improve safety.


Anyone wishing to learn about guns and kids can watch the video on the League website under Gun Safety.