Health Care in America Presentation

health careBy Ethelene Jones

What do Medicare (Parts A, B, C, and/or D), Medicaid, and other health insurance options mean for you?

How do you make the right choice when it comes to your health care and your vote on health care issues?




The Palm Beach County League of Women Voters is excited to announce a new offering by our Speakers Bureau, “Healthcare in America – What You Should Know”. This presentation:

  • explains how the American health care system works
  • demystifies some of its vocabulary
  • looks at what Americans get for their healthcare dollar compared to other countries

The public will likely be surprised at how the health status and health care costs of Americans stack up against other developed countries.  This factual presentation explores the myth that the U.S. has THE best health care in the world and provides the information you need to make wise choices regarding your health care and to understand today’s health care political issues.


To schedule a speaker for your HOA, community center, social group, etc. please contact the Chair of our Speakers Bureau, Ethelene Jones, at 561-687-4433.