Hispanic Voters at Fiesta de Pueblo


By Pam Maldonado, Voter Services Committee Chair


An enthusiastic group of Leaguers attended the PR-Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Fiesta de Pueblo in Greenacres Park on Three Kings Day, January 6th.  Unlike last year, which was rainy, windy and cold, the weather could not have been more beautiful and the crowd was appreciably larger.  The constant music was contagious and it was hard to keep from dancing around as we tried to snag people to register.


We were extremely pleased when Mr. Wilsonnet Cabrera Rosado (pictured here), recently arrived from Puerto Rico, came over and said he wanted to register.  He and his family have relocated to Greenacres from Corozal, a city in the north central part of the island that was devastated by hurricane Maria.  As he was filling out the application, Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher walked by and said to him, “We’ve been looking for you!”


I had my 5 year-old grandson Nicolás Narváez along for the event and I had told him he needed to help us by asking everyone:  “Are you registered to vote?”  A law firm set up a tent next to ours and the attorney had his 5 year-old son along, too.  The two boys had fun playing, but at one point Nico turned to his new little friend and asked:  “Are you registered to vote?”, which cracked us all up.  Later in the evening, after Nico had left, the little boy came over and asked what voting was and could kids vote, so we ended up having had a kindergarten-sized civics lesson.  It’s never too early to start them off!