Hot Topic: November Meeting


By Marsha Vinson


Suzanne CabreraThe November Hot Topics Luncheon speaker, Suzanne Cabrera, shared her wealth of knowledge in the area of Workforce/Affordable Housing with League members.  Suzanne (pictured right) is the President/CEO of the Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County.


Many Affected by the Crisis

Suzanne, a descendant of Susan B. Anthony, made the audience aware that Palm Beach County truly does have a housing crisis.  She stressed that the crisis affects not only the homeless, but also service and minimum wage workers as well as teachers and county employees.

Many people who League members do business with are living paycheck to paycheck or have no place to live in the county despite holding a steady job. Wages have not kept pace with the cost of living in Palm Beach County.  Businesses have left the area because of the lack of affordable housing.

Solutions and Activism

Suzanne introduced tiny houses and container homes as affordable housing solutions. She also urged League members to call their Florida legislators to vote for House Bill 191: the State Housing Trust Fund.

President Karen Wilkerson introduced the Luncheon guests including:

  • Sammy Alzofon, PBC LWV Housing Committee Chair
  • Ezra Krieg, Director of Housing Initiatives, Gulfstream Goodwill Industries
  • Andrea Abreu, Family Advocate for Housing Programs, Adopt a Family of the Palm Beaches
  • League member Claire Miller, active in housing issues
  • Teri Mitze for Representative Abruzzo
  • Herman Robinson, Lake Worth City Commission Candidate
  • Gregg Weiss, Palm Beach County Commission Candidate

Ezra Krieg, Andrea Brice, Sammy Alzofon, Clare Miller, and Karen Wilkerson

Pictured above from left to right are Ezra Krieg, Andrea Brice, Sammy Alzofon, Clare Miller, and Karen Wilkerson.


There will be a meeting of the Palm Beach County League Housing Committee on December 4th.  Please contact Sammy Alzofon, Chair, at