Hot Topic was indeed “HOT”!

March 15, 2017

Those present had the privilege of listening to guest speaker Rita Thrasher (Chair of PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health). And many of us were moved to tears. Rita is a dynamic speaker, and we were humbled by her ability to share her personal (very tragic) stories. If you missed the event, please take a few minutes to view her “I AM One” video on our website. It tells her (and many others) stories and it has motivated several of us to purchase and proudly wear the button-to spread the word that mental health must come to the forefront. There is so much that we can do for this cause (educate, advocate, get certified in mental health First Aid, make donations, or just talk to one another). For example, did you know that 211 is the emergency contact number to use if you are involved in or witness someone in a mental health crisis? This is a great start!

Contact Nancy Gau at 561-439-4522 if you are interested in joining the Healthcare Issue Group or if you would like further information about this cause and this organization. Join us. Let’s help to Break the Silence.

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