Housing Report

October 30, 2017

The housing group has been busy as we continue to educate ourselves with regard to the housing situation in Palm Beach County and how we wish to approach this issue. Most immediately, we are working on:

1. Organizing ourselves

2. Working with the May 31 housing summit agenda in mind

3. Working with housing as a League of Women Voters Palm Beach County issue, with

a) the task of defining what housing means for the League

b) what our role is with housing as an issue

c) preparation of a statement to our board of directors proposing that we officially adopt

housing as an issue

A first organizational meeting of the housing group convened on October 11 at the Gulfstream Goodwill offices, hosted by one of our members, Ezra Krieg. In attendance: Ezra Krieg, Sammy Alzofon, Clare Miller, Karen Wilkerson, and Tequisha Myles. While not a league member, Tequisha Myles, who is in charge of fair housing at the Legal Aid Society, attended. She offered a perspective that was, and will be, invaluable to our group. We discussed briefly what is currently happening in the county and adjourned with an agreement that a) the league board will be asked to approve housing as an issue; and, 2) education of members and the general public regarding the nature and scope of housing, with particular attention to dispelling broadly-held assumptions and stereotypes is a primary goal.

We also issued a call for participation in the league newsletter, with limited response. I am sure that there will be more as we move ahead with our agenda, and some excellent contacts were made at the October 28 new member orientation. One of the county task force members, Suzanne Cabrera, will be our November 15 hot topic speaker