Immigration Committee

immigrationBy Barbara Eriv

I am a member of the League and leading our Immigration Committee.  The League is:

  • For Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Against deporting undocumented immigrants without due process
  • Against the federal government threatening local governments into cooperating with ICE to detain immigrants.


In Palm Beach County, we are collaborating with other groups, such as the PBC Coalition for Immigration Rights, to take action.  Earlier this year, the City of West Palm Beach and the Board of Education signed resolutions to protect the undocumented and their children and to promote the health and well being of all residents.  We are now speaking with the City of Delray Beach and asking them to sign a “Welcoming Cities” ordinance proclaiming that the City will not:

  • Ask or give out immigration status.
  • Use immigration status as an excuse to withhold City services and opportunities.
  • Deny the use of Consular IDs as a form of identification.
  • Detain a person without due process or probable cause.


The Immigration Committee could use your help. Please contact Barbara Eriv at