Kudos to the Healthcare Team


By Nancy Gau


Knowing they were imminently facing massive cuts (fewer navigators, loss of advertising, etc.), the Affordable Care Act program needed help for the 2017 open enrollment period this past November. So LWVPBC stepped in!

Special Meeting

The Healthcare Issue Group called a special meeting, inviting guests from Health Council of SE Florida (HCSEF) and the Health District.  We obtained their fliers, constructed fliers of our own, made hundreds of copies, and hit the road.  We distributed the information to churches, schools, community centers, town halls, etc.

Individual and Collective Effort

One member alone, Polly Maier, works downtown and distributed fliers to Legal Aid, DMV Tax Office, WPB City Library, WPB Parole Offices, Social Security Office, Vital Statistics Office, FL DCF, WPB Police Station, Public Defenders Building, and WPB Mayor’s Office!

Other team members covered libraries and churches during their enrollment events. Joyce Sullivan, Barbara Philippi and Pam Maldonado assisted with distribution of the fliers in Spanish, distributing to day cares, community centers, Bodegon’s, and on the airwaves (Latin Vision). We also used Facebook (the League’s account and personal accounts) to spread the word to hundreds of people in PB County.

Gratifying Results

All of these efforts paid off. Thanks to our support and that of other grassroots organizations, Florida led the country in enrollments with 1.7 million, and Palm Beach County led the State at last count! We were officially recognized by Jodi Ray (consortium Project Director for Covering Florida) in the Covering Florida newsletter on Dec. 22, 2017.  Jodi Ray thanked the League of Women Voters, and many other partners, for their assistance in achieving this success. A lot more Floridians than we ever expected will now have peace of mind and a healthier 2018.