League Update: July 20, 2017

League July update

The League Update

July 20, 2017

Voting Rights advocates rally



Dear Karen,

Yesterday, the Pence-Kobach ‘Election Integrity’ Commission met and we saw firsthand that this taskforce is set on making voting more difficult for voters. The League will NOT let this happen. We are out with an op-ed in the Kansas City Star and our petition has already reached more than 11,000 signers, who stand with us in saying, I will not let the Commission’s efforts to investigate voter fraud threaten my ability to exercise my right to vote. We have reached out to specific Secretaries of State who are on the Commission and in Indiana the League has joined a lawsuit objecting to the release of personal voter information. We’ve also provided talking points for League looking to message about the Commission and we are continuing to promote this message on our social media channels as well.

As we approach National Voter Registration Day on September 26, our voter registration work is more important than ever. If your League has not signed up already, please register here and join the more than 125 Leagues already committed to this important work. Since 2012, the League has been the largest on-the-ground grassroots partner of NVRD. Together, we can make 2017 another successful year of registering voters.


Chris Carson

News of the Weeknew

Wednesday, LWVUS staff attended the #RespectMyVote rally to protest the first meeting of the EIC and, in combination with other groups, collected nearly 500,000 signatures in petitions against the Commission. Interns also attended an informative session on “Attacks and Advances in Voter Registration”. Read more in our blog.
In Baltimore, the League was part of the Gerrymandering Meanderlast week, where participants stopped through the four congressional districts that cover a total 13 miles, to highlight Maryland’s extreme gerrymandering. And in Pennsylvania, the League is working hard to make sure Allegheny County has quality voting equipment.
In a terrific column for the Orlando Sentinel, Carol Davis, LWV of Orange County co-president, lays out the League’s position on health care. And on The Union Edge this week, Jessica Jones Capparell, LWVUS Interim Senior Director of Advocacy, spoke on fighting back against false claims of voter fraud. Listen to her segment here.


Reject ‘Election Integrity’ Commission’s Voter Suppression Agenda!  new

Join the 11,000+ League supporters who have signed the petition saying they will not let the ‘Election Integrity’ Commission’s efforts to investigate voter fraud threaten their ability to exercise their right to vote.

League Joins Letter to Secretaries of State Regarding Pence-Kobach Commission Data Request new

The League joined a letter sent to all 50 Secretaries of State condemning and opposing the data request by President Trump’s advisory commission. The League continues to stand with the election officials who have rejected the request for sensitive information and urges those that have not responded to carefully consider future responses to the commission.

League Joins Call to Restore Funding for Election Assistance Commission new

The League joined a letter in support of an amendment to the financial services and general government appropriations bill that would restore funding for the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The amendment, offered by Representative Quigley, was not adopted, but provisions increasing the level of funding and removing language that terminated the agency were removed from the legislation through another mechanism. The League will continue to watch these funding levels as the appropriations process moves forward.

Continue Opposition of Senate Health Care Plan new

The U.S. Senate’s plan to cut health care for 22 million Americans, cut Medicaid and reduce access to health care for women has failed to proceed. Senate leadership was unable to garner enough support for the legislation, withdrew the legislation and have decided to move forward with a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan that will likely fail to pass. This is yet another small victory in the fight to maintain quality affordable care for all Americans. Please continue to call and email your Senators and let them know that America deserves better.

League Calls on Congress to Pass a Budget that Meets Basic Human Needs new

The League joined more than 1,500 groups on a letter that calls on Congress to pass a budget that adequately meets the needs of all people and communities. Letter encourages investments in public education, affordable housing, health and nutrition, public transit, roads and bridges, clean air, clean water, clean energy, child care, and other means of making investments in communities that also create good jobs.

Reminder: League Positions in Impact on Issues new

short summary of all of the League’s public policy positions is available in Impact on Issues. Please use these short summaries as a quick reference guide for the League’s various positions.

Updates From the LWVUS Climate Change Task Force new

New materials have been added to the LWVUS Tool Kit for Climate Action maintained by the Climate Change Task Force. The materials include a statement to use to explain the League’s “position” on carbon pricing, along with an example of how you could incorporate this statement in a letter-to-the-editor. For more information about the League’s work on carbon pricing, please visit the Price on Carbon webpage in the Toolkit for Climate Action. The task force has also updated information regarding the suit against the administration in the case of Juliana et al v. United States, which argues that the federal government is violating the constitutional rights of the young plaintiffs by promoting the development and use of fossil fuels, despite knowing for decades that fossil fuels are destroying the climate system is moving forward. A trial date is set for February 5, 2018.


First Quarter Balance Statements Coming Soon  new

First quarter balance statements were sent out July 19th to Leagues that participate in the State and Local Leagues Education Fund program. For any questions about these statements please reach out to Kevin Ringkamp at kringkamp@lwv.org or 202-263-1355.


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