League’s Strong Presence at CRC Meeting at FAU

By Joyce Sullivan

CRC MeetingHundreds of concerned Palm Beach County citizens, and all but one County Commissioner, showed up for the third session of the Constitutional Revision Committee held on April 7, 2017, at FAU’s Boca campus.  Key leaders in our county including Sharon Bock, Clerk of the Court; David Aronberg, State Attorney; and our own Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher, addressed the group.

Poor Publicity  

Despite the healthy turnout, likely more would have been in attendance if there had been better outreach and if the event had not been held on a work day.  Talk at the event centered around suspicions that the Committee planned it that way.  Several somber, and often bored, faces looked out at the audience.  But our members were peppered throughout the audience, eager to bring to light important issues facing our county.

Topics Presented

Some of the most popular, and often most controversial, topics of abortion and voting rights made up much of the session. Our members eloquently brought key issues to light. Christine Campbell Gabor spoke on our project of getting more Civics in our classrooms.  Mary Jane Range spoke about the restoration of voting rights for felons. Our president, Karen Wilkerson, and the League’s State President, Pam Goodman, spoke on the lack of transparency of the committee itself.  Other members spoke on gun safety, health, and the environment, among other issues.


Several of our members either spoke directly with the media, or were mentioned in articles about the event, including quotes contained in the Palm Beach Post.  Member Lennie Jones was interviewed by the Sun Sentinel and Nancy Cohen spoke to WLRN radio.  Both shared passionate and detailed facts on voting rights and the electoral college issues.

During much of the discussion, several committee members were seen taking notes on these key issues.  Great job, everyone!!