Lou Frey Institute tools

Lou Frey Institute


By Christene Campbell-Gabor, Chair, Civics Education


LWVPBC Chair of Civics Education, Christene Campbell-Gabor, met with Doug Dobson, Executive Director of the Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government in Orlando to discuss Civics Education.


The Institute serves every District in Florida and is a recognized national leader in Civics Education. The Institute supports continuous improvement in civic learning and provides excellent sites for teachers, supervisors, and students.


All Lou Frey Institute tools and programs are free and available for the League to use and share.  The LWVPBC Civics Education Committee is researching the sites to see how we might work together in the future and/or share the data and programs with the schools.  Contact Christene at cgabor5@gmail if you have any questions or if you would like to help with the research. Check the links below for more information.

Florida Joint Center for Citizenship – Civic learning resources for teachers and students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Civics360 – Student learning and assessment resources for middle school civics.

Florida Civic Health – Explore the civic engagement in Florida and compare it with other states and regional areas around our country.

Civics in a Snap – Developed in collaboration with The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, provide teachers with a stand-alone lesson plan, designed to be implemented in approximately 15 minutes, in order to provide instruction that infuses Civic knowledge and dispositions encouraging both literacy and Civic benchmarks/standards mastery.