LWVPBC at West Palm Beach Green Market

On Saturday, Dec. 2, we started our voter registration season at the Green Market in West Palm Beach. Amid swarms of people enjoying the sunshine and gourmet offerings of local vendors, Marc Bruner, Kelly Domnick, Polly Maier and Pam Maldonado manned the tent, registering voters and circulating the Former Felons Rights Restoration petition.

The highlight of the day was “capturing” several new teenage voters who will automatically receive their Voter Registration Cards upon their 18th birthday.

Just as we were winding up the day, we met the Huber family–parents, grandparents and two teen daughters. We spoke to them for quite a while and discovered that one daughter–Hayley–is 16 years old, and thus eligible to register to vote.


Her Mom shouted to her to come over because she is old enough to register to vote. “I can register?” she chirped excitedly. “I’m an ADULT!” she exclaimed as she sat down to fill out the form, a huge smile on her face.

We mentioned that the LWV was founded by leaders of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, to which Hayley replied: “Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Declaration of Sentiments in Seneca, 1848!” She is a junior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts and loves history. We suggested she consider applying for an internship with the League. She is one of those young people that make you feel good about the future!

Polly Maier spoke for all of us, when she said that it really is an honor to register first-time voters. We love registering everyone, but when the young people are interested, it’s really something very special.

Our next date for the WPB Green Market will be Saturday, January 13th. If you would like to help register voters at this or any other event, please contact Pam Maldonado.
Registration Contact: Pamela Maldonado
Chair, Voter Services Committee