LWVPBC Board Retreat

By Nancy Cohen

Our League Board of Directors met for their annual board retreat to review the past year and plan and set goals for the upcoming fiscal year (April 1 2017 to March 31 2018).  New board members and guests worked with the board to assess our organization’s effectiveness, identify and resolve challenges, and plan for continued growth.

Fiscal year 2016-2017 was one of tremendous growth and accomplishment.  But growth brings challenges.  We concentrated on three:

Board effectiveness.  President Karen Wilkerson led a group that identified these goals:

  •      Expand LWVPBC diversity: age, gender, ethnicity
  •      Emphasize our nonpartisan policy
  •      Improve member-board communications and information exchange
  •      Improve member understanding of concepts such as home rule, balance of power

Development.  Development Chair Joyce Sullivan’s group set fundraising and image goals:

  •      Develop a narrative that tells our LWVPBC story and can be used in publications and fundraising
  •      Raise $30,000 from grants and sponsorships
  •      Build an enduring group of sponsors
  •      Develop a League 100th Anniversary campaign (LWV was founded in 1920)

League visibility and diversity.   Advocacy Chair Debra Chandler and Outreach Chair Linda Prior led a group that identified these goals:

  •      Reach out to other organizations and groups, particularly in multicultural and underserved communities, to find common goals  
  •      Share information and encourage communication between Issue Groups
  •      Develop and cultivate relationships with civic leaders, businesses and members of other groups and organizations to enhance the League image
  •      Recognize officers and representatives from other organizations who attend our events