LWVPBC President Karen Wilkerson Speaks at CRC

Below is a transcript of President Wilkerson’s speech to the Constitution Revision Commission hearing at FAU in Boca Raton this past April 7.

President Karen WilkersonI am Karen Wilkerson from North Palm Beach. As President of the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County, I am speaking on their behalf.

A twenty year revision of the state constitution is an important occasion. Therefore, we strongly feel that the Commission should abide by the Florida Sunshine Laws. The progress of this important review must be transparent, open to the public, and reflect the public views. Otherwise, its work will not be accepted at the polling booth.
This present round of hearings did not permit most legislators to participate. Short notice, selection of days and times did not make it possible for many people from the private sector to attend. It will be necessary for you to have another full round of hearings when you have identified issues you are considering for proposals. At that time, people can testifying about the issues.
In addition, after that round of hearings, the wording of the amendments should be reviewed by the Supreme Court as is required by legislative proposals and citizen petition generated proposals. This is to insure that voters have clear wording when making decisions on their votes.
We believe this Commission’s job is to review the present Constitution and see if it needs updating or correction. This should not be an attempt to corrupt the separation of powers or reign in the judiciary branch. Each segment of government has its role. Disruption will lead to political games and injustice to the people of Florida.

Thank you.