March Hot Topics Luncheon


Updates on Mental Health Issues in Palm Beach County

Rita Thrasher, Chairman of PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health

Rita Thrasher is 1 of 4 citizens whose life has been affected by mental illness.
Rita is a retired reading teacher and mother of three daughters. After her youngest daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in middle school, she became a caregiver and researcher. This helped her manage the mental illness of her oldest daughter at age 29.

Both daughters are now deceased due to mental illness related causes and Rita has emerged as an impassioned, bold and brave community leader with a “loud voice” in advocating and rallying for increased awareness, understanding, acceptance and education to assist agencies and schools in Palm Beach County in breaking the deafening silence that keeps those in need of help from asking for or pursuing it.

As President and CEO of Boca Raton’s Promise, she organized the Palm Beach County Action Alliance for Mental Health and established the Annual Voice Awards for Breaking The Silence.

Rita has emerged as a catalyst in introducing conversations in schools and communities and leads the new “I AM 1” initiative to engage 1,000 women in taking action. She is 1 of 4 citizens whose life has been affected by mental illness and is proud to have her daughter, Marla Kosec, now share in this mission.

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